Nature at its best

Nature, what nature? 
Being born in a third world country, Philippines, especially in a poor family nature consist of playing in the garbage dump, abandoned lots and slum area. 
There’s hardly any nature where I lived unless I go visit neighbours who have gardens.  I am lucky enough to have a girlfriend whose family allows me to sleep over at their mansion.  
Sabrina is her name.  
In a child’s mind, the house is a jungle.  There is so much vegetation.  A housekeeper waters the garden almost every day to keep it lush.  They have a dog.  It was fun to have a playmate and to be accepted by this rich family. 
Part of playing is going to the dumpsites.  This is FUN.  We collected tons of waste materials to sell for recycling.  Found some parts to build us a scooter.  Collected Coke bottle caps for the Coke versus Pepsi challenge.  The more we collected Coke bottle caps, we won free movie passes. 
In the slum area, we run around on the board walk like horses.  During rainy season, there are so many amphibians to play with such as crabs, tadpoles, dragon flies, water spiders and much more.  At night-time, we hunt for fireflies and put them in a bottle.  We used the bottle as a flashlight.

 Ah, what a memory.  Now this is nature at its best. 
We may be poor but we know how to live the good life.

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27 thoughts on “Nature at its best

  1. Being wealthy, monetarily and being wealthy emotionally and spiritually are as you say, vastly different things and are aquired through very different means. Good post, very good message. 🙂

    • Aweee, from a person who has been Freshly Pressed, this is an honour. Thank you and for the fireflies. I felt rich and still feeling the richness of these memories.

  2. We had a discussion yesterday and this blog explains it a little more to me x
    Some of the best times I have had in the last 10 years is when I go visit my Dad up the North of Scotland. No TV, Internet, not allowed. We play games. He has a huge Farmhouse and barn. And my Kids love it. Here in the big city they can get lost easy, up there, they get lost on purpose.

    Love the blog x

  3. It is a gift if we can keep that same childish wonder and appreciation of nature and simplicity as we grow up. I love the idea of a firefly flashlight (as long as they release the critters when they are done.) 🙂

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  4. We have an abundance of toys and food etc nowadays. Poor is sometimes better as the children have more imagination. I loved playing with card board boxes and made houses out of it. In autumn we raked the leaves and yet made another house ot if that. Nothing expensive needed to make us children happy!

  5. Wow, what a touching video there! I do count my blessing for having been born here and never experiencing such things … though I did live on the streets for a bit, it’s still not the same.
    Thank you for sharing this with us, P! 🙂

  6. Yes, the good life! Children can be very resourceful and play with almost anything. We had a back yard to play in as a child, but mostly we played on the streets, making toys out of things we found on the ground. If we wanted to buy something like balloons for a water balloon fight, we’d do things like knock on neighbors’ doors and ask to wash their car for a dollar. 😉

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