Fresh Off The Boat

The excitement is brewing because on July 1st., we will be celebrating Canada Day. 
I remember when we entered Canada. Coming off the plane, I needed to go and do Number 1.  Since everything is new to me, I was totally lost.  The washroom was nowhere in sight.  Finally, I saw a man in uniform, a security guard.  And I flagged him down and asked. 
Sir, can you tell me where the CR is?
CR?  He answered me with a question.
You know where I can go wee-wee.
Wee-wee?  Another question. 
My goodness, I hate it when someone answers my question with a question.  
Since I am fresh off the boat, I maintained cool.
Sir, what I mean is comfort room, CR.
Ah, you mean Canadian Railway? 
UGH!  Okay, I better try a different terminology then. If this kind of conversation would go any longer, I might as well pee right there and then.  Can’t he see I was already crossing my legs? 
No Sir, I want to void.
Void?  What do you mean void? 
I guess the American English is not recognized in Canada, I thought. 
Sir, what I mean is I want to sit on a throne!
Ah, you mean the washroom.
Whatever, I thought.
Sir, please, sir.  Hurry.  I really have to go. 
Cross my heart, I never heard of a washroom in my life.  Maybe I should have said it in plain English toilet or commode. 

18 thoughts on “Fresh Off The Boat

    • Every time Canada day comes this is my story and to date, I always get a smile from that. I thought CR is a popular word than water closet? 😛

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