If you are happy, clap your hand

What would it take to be happy?  
I wish I have an answer for that or a formula.  For me, I noticed that spending time with children and nature brings inner joy.  A simple gesture of waving at the kid next door watching me do gardening is enough.  No laughter, just a wave and a smile. 
Spending more time outside, in the garden, makes me feel happy. Will all that fresh air regardless of the heavy labour of trimming the hedges, I feel happy. 
One thing for sure which I cannot explain, having a deep prayerful life provides pure joy.  Praying while gardening and full of gratitude, just for today is enough. 
Have a wonderful day. 
To close, off here is a children song.

10 thoughts on “If you are happy, clap your hand

  1. I love this.
    I have to agree, working with kids is just something.
    As you know I used to be a Soccer coach with Kids…
    Quick story. 14 years ago. I worked with a kid called Scott Brown, in soccer. He had a very bad attitude and it was my job to get that attitude out of him.


    This game was live on TV to 50 Million people worldwide…

    He is not the Captain of Celtic Football Club and earns £30,000 a week.
    Sickening money I know. But working with kids, we change lives…

    I just thought I would share this.

    Shaun x

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