Authors: Three Great Pieces of Life Advices Writers Should Ignore

Another 3Ps, just like the Title of my Blog Site. I write for pure joy of entertaining myself and to play. Play is very important no matter how old I am. Good read.

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

1148655_vintage_fountain_pen_3Why write? Well, in some ways, writing a novel is a lot like life. What it takes to succeed in writing fiction–perseverance, perspective, pride, overcoming your fear of mockery and of failure–can help shape you into a person ready to spring out into the world, be the best you that you can be, and make things better both for you and for other people.

However, there are some lessons that, while they’re important in life, don’t work so well when you sit down at the keyboard. Or with your pen and paper.

So remember, while you should adopt these policies in actual interactions with others, you can’t always abide by them in writing.

  • PLAY NICE WITH OTHERS. We all learn this as a kid: the importance of sharing, and being friendly, and being kind. Hopefully, we learn to protect those weaker than us. Well, that doesn’t fly with…

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