Cat VS Internet

Another victory for the Cat. This came from Bite Size Canada. Visit TKMorin site for a wealth of information about Canada, eh.

Bite Size Canada

Cat VS Internet

For every other cat out there who is trying to get their owners to pay more attention to them, you may want to go read this comic.

My owner thinks it was funny, but I didn’t think so. I thought it was a touching story.

Judge for yourself as you go to The

Yours truly,
(white Persian cat)

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12 thoughts on “Cat VS Internet

  1. Hey Rufus, We see your point but sadly we also laughed cause we’re dogs and we know how to get our biped off that weird TV screen that she types on–we chew through the cord, BOL. Max & Bella (ps from biped: we had a black Persian named, Rufus 🙂 )

    • Hi Max and Belle (and biped)! Yes, I have heard of your kind doing that, which does make me laugh! Oh, and tell your biped that Rufus is a royal name! 🙂

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