An Italian Poem ~ SpicchieRicordi

I am always curious about post written in different languages and I came across with “SpicchieRicordi” written by In Sense of You.  I asked the writer to translate it for me and she was happy to do it.  I am even happier to read in English.  In doing so, I am sharing with you the English translation. 
In Sense of You

In Sense of You

 If fruits don’t exist
we don’t belong at the circle of Collect
Looking for symmetric balance
of perfumes and trolley line
Taking care to exalt cloves
that a cut and a push don’t break their turgor.
 Is the aesthetics note from Genesis’ time
and otherwise or likewise dignified of an usual aestheticism too
Alarming is the need of understand if keep it together or disjoin it
and this is not like to tell or to do
for bitter Bud
A scaffolding of tough choices. 
For the original version, please visit In Sense of You.  Thank you for the English translation.

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