31 thoughts on “Missing Maurice and Lucy

  1. You’ve got it bad P 🙂
    I think my one cat may miss me a little – the other one will only miss me should the food stop appearing in his bowl 🙂

    • Thank you, Paulette. My heart melts every time, I watch this video. Now, I wonder if this how they really think? 😆 Thank you for the reblog.

  2. Great imagination…loved the voice and the vocal captions. Having the constant company of two cats, one can relate to all of it, and even become more understanding of the meaning of their assorted signals. Thanks for this somewhat humorous, and somewhat real description of cat life.

    You might find my Poetry on a canapé “I The Cat” ~ on an ailing day ~ poem interesting,if you have not already read it.

  3. I’ve seen this video link on the web, but I have not played it because the title suggested that the cat was sad, and that I’d be sad to watch it. But since you posted it, Perpetua, and I trust your judgement, I pressed play. It’s funny!! Thank you! I’ve going to share it with my other “cat” friends!! 😆

    • Oh, Tk. HuffingPost published it and commented it’s one of the “viral” videos. It’s hilarious. 😆 Hope you cat lovers are enjoying it.

      • They did!! And I love the way it’s made … talking to his journal / diary … So cool! Thanks again for that, by the way!! 🙂

  4. That is hilarious! And I can just imagine Sammy and Jada saying those things. would you be offended if I used that video? Or perhaps I can find one similar. That is just too cute.

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