Naramata – God’s Country

During the last 1980’s, riding the car with no boys but female bonding was the in thing.  Tripping around is a trip from place to place; pure adrenalin devoid of drugs, sex and rock and roll.  Should there be marijuana, it’s all for recreation use only; let’s smoke a “J” is what we said.  Destination: Naramata, British Columbia, Canada. 
Janet, a friend with Russian family in the country side wanted to visit them.  I have car, why not.  Those were the times of footloose period from Brian Adams to Bruce Springsteen.  We visited the Russian Doukhobors and Freedomites.  Can’t really tell which one is which for all I know they are human being just like me.  Being introduced to Babushka who are so hospitable and all we did was eat their Borscht.  This was my initiation to a Russian family.  Lovely people.
Picture courtesy of Naramata's office site.

Picture courtesy of Naramata’s office site.

The best part is Naramata.  We stayed in a cabin of Janet’s cousin, in the middle of an orchard, on top of the mountain, overlooking the Okanagan Lake.  The air is so pure and intoxicating.  Smell of lavender, cherry blossoms and apples blossoms permeate the atmosphere. 
But I was dog tired from driving around that day.  Hit the sack, lights out and nothing, literally nothing could wake me up the following day.   
In a deep slumber, I can smell a different aroma all too familiar that tops the natural sweet scent of Naramata.  JAVA… java… java… Ah, definitely, I am in heaven.  Starbucks was not in the picture then.  The smell is so close to my nose and I heard this dulcet voice calling me over and over again “P-e-r-p-e-t-u-a”.   I must have responded “Yes, Lord, here I am.”  
I opened my eye, Janet holding a pot of coffee at my bedside.  Now that’s what I call heavenly delight.  JAVA and Naramata: God’s country.  
Naramata, here I come. 
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47 thoughts on “Naramata – God’s Country

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  2. I found myself in that section of BC back in the late 80’s on the way home from Alaska, and thought I’d gone To heaven. The people were awesome, the scenery was painted by the hand of God. I think I was afraid of the winters, or I would’ve moved there.

      • My wife and I do speak often of jumping ship from the usa, and we think about BC, but the winters are still to harsh for me. BC is still the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

      • Then how about half a year during summer months. Yes, the winter in the westcoast is very wet but warmer than the north side of BC.

      • I like that idea. Actually, Victoria is one of the places I’ve picked as a great place to retire. Walkable, mild winters, nice people, free health care, common language. All good. It would just be a matter of getting in.

  3. You described it so well, P., that I could almost smell the fresh air, see the beauty all around … Coffee … Reading your post was like a zen moment! Thank you!! 🙂

    • Let’s go and visit the Centre. You’ll love it there Tk. I can’t believe that I am going. I actually cleaned up my memory bank about this trip to Naramata, pictures included because I want to declutter. Now, it’s will be a de javu. 😛 I know it has changed so much. I was more of a “hippie” then. Long hair and all. 😛

      • Wiser? Having a white glowing artic hair does not necessary wise. I still think like a child. Simple. Definitely no “J” in this trip. Been there, done that. 😆

      • I know what you mean. I still feel, and think, like I was 30 years younger. When gardening with my friend today, I made a comment about someone born in the eighties and I said that sounds like it was just yesterday! She laughs when I say that, but I honestly don’t feel old. And yet, I catch myself sounding like my grandma did, saying things like, “The music today … That’s not music!” Or “look at what she’s wearing!” … Heehee. 😆

      • I was born and raised in Castlegar. 2-3 hours away. We used to visit the Okanagan often. Your post resonated warmly with me. Are you from B.C.?

      • My goodness, we did stayed at Castlegar with Janet’s grandfather. He’s a small man with big heart, drives an eighteen wheeler truck, hugh truck! Do you know any Kinakin? Also went up to Nakusp and some neighbouring town such as Nelson, Trail, Peachland, Summerland, Penticton, Kelowna etc. Took the ferry to go across Ainsworth. Just Beautiful…. sigh…. Yes, I am from Vancouver, BC. Have you gone back to visit Castlegar?

      • I went to school with several Kinakin’s (Ken) but not sure I know a family with a truck driver. Yes, all the places you mentioned are home (Nakusp-Hot springs), Nelson (Queen City), Trail (Smokeaters & best Italian restaurant in the province), Summerland-Penticton-Kelowna (our Florida), Ainsworth (hotsprings – place my Grandpa used to take us). All home. My parents live in Castlegar and my brother lives on the Island. We go back every few years.

      • Wow, I didn’t know those City nicknames. I guess there are so many Kinakin. Okay then, thank you for sharing, David. I’m off to Naramata for a week. Don’t know if I will be able to keep up with WordPress. Cheers.

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