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Be very careful on what you post via e-mail, texting, tweeting or Facebook is what I instill in the minds of the children and adults alike. 
When the e-mail came out, there was a faux pas at the work level and it was a cause for dismissal. Some employers do snoop around when it comes to social media because it is now public. Some people are just waiting for one slip of a post and that will be a mark against us. And some people will read between the lines  since it is impossible to cover all aspects of the subject and they will make their own conclusion. 
Social media: is it good or evil?
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35 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. It is true, apparently new employers are looking through social sites before you get an interview and decide whether to invite you or not. In the end it is all common sense though and your attitude, what you post on facebook for example!

    • Common sense big time especially pictures. Working at the Law Office gave me plenty of exposure what can be constituted “unacceptable” which is the new lingo now. Rule #1 never talk ill of anyone or anything. If I do, use soft words. 😛

      • This rule should be in life too, as it is not good to talk behind someone’s back. Gossip even not on facebook is harmful. Always choose your words carfully , because you cannot take them back. AS they say : If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.
        Still lots of people don’t follow this rule!

  2. I agree totally. I personally do not utilize social media. My blog is as social as I get and this is very restrained in many ways. Maybe I am anti social, or do not care to find people from my past – I have never had a lot of friends, but I am comfortable keeping to myself and in knowing that it makes me feel comfortable in knowing that comments cannot be used against me.

  3. I’ve been thinking of getting off of it totally but my kids said – please don’t its how we share pictures with you”! I’m not very good at social media, I think I let too much of my heart out and sometimes end up hurt.

    • I understand, Mrs. N. Neither do I. Facebook is good to share photos with family. You can set it up that only your immediate family can see it. I will be out of touch with the everyone and it sure feels nice to see the comings and going of the family.

  4. That is so true. Even when I have written the most simple or what I thought was easy to understand, sometimes people find the most interesting interpretations. Leaves me wondering just what was in their brain.

  5. Quite right! Looking for someone on Facebook and reading their page is called “creeping” and I’ve certainly done that a few times. I have good intentions, but I’m aware of how easy that is for someone with less good intentions can use it. I usually just assume I’m screaming from a rooftop, as the saying goes.

    Still, P., it’s always a worth to be reminded! Thank you!

    Have a great day! 🙂

  6. It’s crazy how naive as a public we still are, the phenomenon of social isn’t really new anymore but so many use it with no clue about how it really works. Here’s to educating the next generation better!

    • It gets weirder actually when I was reading more about this on the news with regards to serving notices by Lawyers using social media. How can a lawyer serve a site that has fictitious name?

  7. Thanks for the warning! By the way, on a related topic, as a parent, it is shocking how many kids’ portals facilitate pop-up conversations with your little ones!! I have to be so vigilant! : )))

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