A Poem

This poem is in memory of a long-time friend and it was written on the wall of her bedroom.  I call JGB, Mother of Perpetual Sorrow.  And this poem describes her the most. 
A Poem

A Poem

I suppose, I learnt so much about life from JGB because of her sorrows.  She learnt how to enjoy the pleasure of laughter because of me.   And there are times, we just keep each other company, in silence.

27 thoughts on “A Poem

    • I never really paid so much attention to the poem until today. I didn’t quite like it at the time having written it on the background… Thanks, Ms. D

  1. Absolutely true.
    Sorrow, however sad it is, teaches you the fundamentals of happiness. And how to appreciate the pleasures you may find in life.

  2. We all need friends to help us be who we never could without them. Thank you for sharing this. It is very beautiful. You know the saying ‘what doesn’t break us makes us stronger’. I guess we all have to learn this for ourselves. The hardest times in my life have made me so grateful for all the blessings and light I receive. Thank you for giving me another glorious moment of gratitude. : ))xox

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