CATastrophy – The Incident

Mr. Frenchie, Mr. Polish (Room 307) and Mr. Scottie (Room 308) were in high alert when Mr. MIA took the cat back.  The three men keep surveillance on the status of the cat.  How can they see what’s happening behind closed curtains?  Who knows what’s happening inside Mr. MIA’s apartment? 
Mr. MIA is a smoker, and he smokes in the balcony.  At the same time, he was trying to play with the cat with a stick.  Mr. Polish is a smoker as well, and he was observing them across from his balcony.  According to Mr. Polish, the next thing happened, Mr. MIA hit the cat.  He instinctively shouted at Mr. MIA.  Mr. Scottie heard the commotion.   And he joined in. 
Have you ever dealt with a Scottish person?  Indescribable.  He marched down and went next to the building where Mr. MIA is.  He called him a #$%& P-I-G etc.
 I didn’t know Mr. Scottie knew Mr. MIA’s name?
 Mr. PIG!  
Mr. Frenchie came out of the balcony, too.  Three against one PIG.  Mr. PIG tail between his leg, surrendered and gave up the cat to Mr. Frenchie.  
In the meantime, the cat is in bad condition.  The cat does not want to be touch at all.  If you do, those nails come out and will draw blood to anyone who dared to touch her.  She was severely hurt.  
This was the incident that Ms. Room 307 told me.  My advice to her was to take the cat first thing Monday morning to check on the cat, and I will help pay for the vet’s bill. 
According to the vet, the cat is hurt and maybe needed to be X-rayed.  In the meantime, she was given a pain-killer, a shot of antibiotics and intravenous fluids.  The cat was so dehydrated.

Akeyla - the Nurse

Akeyla – the Nurse

 For now, the nameless cat is with Mr. Frenchie.  I visited the cat, and she is hiding in the cupboard at the moment.  Hopefully, with the help of Mr. Frenchie’s nurse, Akeyla, the nameless one will come around. 
Thank you all for your concerns, compassion and support.  
I will give you an update on the situation.  In the meantime, we are keeping vigil, including our prayerful dog wearing her head veil to go to church.  I will wear my cat scarf to work today to keep the nameless cat in prayers.

 P.S.  My head hurts from this ordeal.  Hopefully, Tylenol will do the trick.
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38 thoughts on “CATastrophy – The Incident

  1. Terrible. I can never understand cruelty to animals. You have been very kind. The cat and dog photos are very cute.

  2. Bless you and the others helping this poor little furry friend. Sickening how the poor little thing’s been treated. Prayers that it works out. I wish a cat rescue group would confiscate it and adopt it out somewhere else with love.
    Your dog photo is adorable. Precious. Paulette

    • Bless those soft hearted macho men. They have a booming Voice not like Mother Teresa of the cat. It is hard to take it. Thank you for your prayers and we have to wait until the next visit to the Vet in next week. Will keep every concerned parties posted. That is a friend’s dog who likes to pray with the Master, tee hee. Perpetua.

  3. There are cruel people in the world but there are many more kind compassionate people. Sounds like your apartment building is blessed with those who care for each other…human and otherwise.

    • You are right some cruel people, however, the good one outnumber them. We are old timers in this building and we care for one another and the surrounding area. This is the first incident in 15 years I lived here.

      • He is new in the block. He might not hang around after the “incident”. Saw him last night and can’t not look at me in the face. I’m sure he is feeling bad. I will give him a chance to rise above it since I’m always outside in the garden. I’ll see if he will say “hi” next time. Thank you, Patricia.

  4. I am so happy the cat is being taken care of! I’m sure it won’t take that long before the cat realizes he’s no longer in danger. Please keep us posted on his recovery.
    Meantime, have a grand day!!!

    • It is a relief now that cat is in a safe place. Let’s hope that Mr. PIG will continue to stay away from the cat. I will keep you posted, Tk.

      • Yes, please keep us posted. I find the whole thing disturbing. [I just wrote two paragraphs, and deleted them. I just find it disgusting! And how proud I am to know you, and how much you make me feel good about humanity amidst this kind of abuse].

        How’s your headache, by the way, Perpetua?


      • The ache is gone :P, tk. Thank you for asking. Well, the men helped a lot by using the VOICE and muscles. Me and Ms Room 307 were tamed towards the young Mr. MIA. I am ready to march to his building and demand that he pays for the cost of the Vet bill otherwise I will report him. On the second thought, what is more important the cat is safe. Money is not the object. I will keep everyone posted. Hopefully, the cat will come out and would want to have her picture taken. 😛 Well, carry on….

      • I’m happy for you and the cat … has anyone named him yet? Do you need help, Perpetua, with the cost?
        Have a great evening — I’m getting ready for bed in a few minutes. G’nite! 🙂

      • Oh, Tk… you are so sweet. The cost is all covered amongst us. We have no kids around here but cats 😆 Sleep tight. 😛

  5. Thank God you all joined together to keep an eye on that beautiful cat and rescued her! Hopefully Mr. MIA will not find another animal to bully. I see Mr. MIA is filled with pain and anger. Prayers for him as well.

  6. I’m so glad she’s not with Mr. PIG any more. It’s sad that she’s hurt and traumatised but I’m so happy she’s been rescued. Well done all of you, the cat angels.

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