Cat ~ Woman

Sometimes it’s best not to love too much in order to protect myself.  But I can’t help it when it comes to cats. 
Room 307 came to me on Saturday asking for help about a cat.  Oh no, I thought, she is Mother Teresa of cats.
Cat across our building

Cat across our building

Across from the building a cat is alone on the balcony.  Apparently, they have noticed this before when the cat cannot get back inside the apartment on Thursday.  The balcony door was slightly ajar and the cat cannot get in.  Needless to say, they climbed the balcony, opened the door and let the cat in.  Problem solved. 
Not really. This time, the cat is outside, again since Friday night.  The balcony door is close, owner is missing in action.  It was a cold rainy day on Saturday.  Room 307 has observed the cat, spoke to SPCA (Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) asking for advice.  SPCA needs pictures of the status of the cat and a report from them before they can act on rescue mission.  
No wonder for the past nights, I have heard a cat meowing at night.  A meow in distress. 
Here enter the Cat ~ Woman, yours truly:  Picture this: Second floor balcony, a long ladder, and three adults (Mr. and Mrs. Room 307 and Mr. Frenchie) holding the ladder, watching Cat ~ Woman climb up to second floor, assess the situation and to take pictures as evidence for SPCA.
Cat Rescuers

Cat Rescuers

So I narrated what the balcony looks like: a box with pillow and poo poo, a litter box filled with more poo poo, a bowl of dry food, no water.  

That did it.  Mr. Room 307 came up to see.  It was horrifying for him what he saw and decided to save the cat.   Where will it stay, I exclaimed.  Mr. Frenchie to the rescue.   He lives next door to the cat’s owner, Mr. MIA.  He will keep the cat until Mr. MIA will show up.  Problem solved. 
Not really.  Ms. Room 307 poured her heart out to me tonight that the cat is back with Mr. Frenchie.  There was an “incident” that happened while I was at church.  Thank God, I wasn’t around when it happened. 
My heart aches. 

25 thoughts on “Cat ~ Woman

  1. Oh Perpetua! I feel for you! Nothing hurts more than someone, or animal, who are vulnerable, and are taken advantage of. Argh! I don’t know what the incident is, but I feel for you, P! Here’s a heartfelt hug! Let it all out, don’t hold it in. A prayer is on the horizon as well …

  2. What you need to do with your neighbors is stage a catnapping! A woman I worked with did that to the cat that lived next door to her. She rehomed it with someone else from work and denied any knowledge. The people really didn’t want the cat anyway so they never got another one.

  3. Hello perpetua! I can’t stand cruelty to animals at any level! There’s just no need for it. if you don’t want the animal then give it to someone who will care for it! *Ack* it drives me mad. Yes, they are lucky you weren’t home. Sorry you have to live by this and not be able to do anything. Super hugs….Paula xxx

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