The Great Escape

With all the good intentions of seeing the progress of sweet Lucy, sometimes life goes awry and yesterday was a long day.

To escape how futile asking for an apology, I leave it behind and head out for a great escape.

One just has to look at the surrounding environment and soak in the beauty what it has to offer.  It is free for the asking.  It’s priceless.  I am off to follow the yellow brick road in Granville Island for a scavenger hunt.

Granville Island Public Market

Granville Island Public Market

Granville Island is a paradise. 

It has a market, buskers, picnic stations for private parties, and plenty of friends in the pond.  There is family of ducks and geese, turtles, pigeons and a red-winged black bird that I hear yet hidden from sight.  I could hear its screeching call.  

Tuck in the corner, there is a private party going on.  I wonder if they need another person to celebrate, just a thought. Time passed by without noticing how many hours I was here.  The last time I looked at my watched it was 4 p.m.  Next thing I know it was 7 p.m.

Time to take a ferry ride home

Time to take a ferry ride home

Goodness gracious, my furry friends are hungry, must go home to feed my beasts. Ah, what a great escape.

23 thoughts on “The Great Escape

  1. So beautiful and full of life! I haven’t seen a turtle in years. Maybe one day I can make it to Vancouver so I can see the sights ….

    Btw, the iPad won’t let me write a message on “labour pains” but a thought ran through my mind. So many mothers I have spoken to tell me that the extent of pain is forgotten later on. The miracle is worth it! I will never that chance, but some days I think I would have liked to …

    Have a great evening, P! 🙂

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