Older and Wiser

Trying to encourage Lucy (my niece) by her mother (sibling #9) to study French immersion during summer was a battle.  
Lucy has a hard noggin with a motor mouth.  Nothing can persuade her to take a free course.  
It’s free, for crying out loud and it’s only half a day.  It will be good for you to take advantage a free class. You are doing so well at school. What are you going to do all summer?  Said sibling #9. 
Nobody can make me.  This is my life.  It is my summer, and I don’t want to study!!! Said Lucy. 
Well, think about this.  This summer, instead of spending time with you in the afternoon after school, I might as well work all summer long.  You will be at home with Dad and, your birthday is coming up, there will be no birthday party.  Think about it.  This is the ultimatum of sibling #9 to cherished daughter, Lucy. 
When her birthday came, I posted a birthday wish for her on her Facebook along with so many greetings from her friends.  Her response was: 
Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! I feel wiser already! 
Happy Birthday, Lucy (middle)
 Hmmm…. She must have thought about it and realized Mother is always right. Apparently, she wanted to have her cake and eat it, too.  Wise choice, Lucy.  That munchkin in the middle is sweet Lucy. 
P.S.  I just sent a Facebook message to sibling #9 asking how old Lucy is.  She responded: 12 years old, sometimes too mature for her age…

27 thoughts on “Older and Wiser

  1. While I agree that being bilingual is an asset…honoring Lucy’s feelings is also important…I choose to set choices before the children…let them process the pros and cons. After sitting in the classroom for a year–it is not easy to give up the creative free time…sometimes I think as adults we over schedule our children…being free in the summer, chasing the butterflies, was so good for me as a child! I think when we see a need for something in our life, we are more apt to go for it with full gusto…Children need gentle guidance, which I am sure your sibling #9 gives…I came from a family of 11…not many choices…more directives…I think we teach children well when we give them choices—prepares them for adulthood. Just a few of my thoughts…

    • I hear you. Not at a tender age. We give them good reasons the why and why not. Once she reaches a certain age, choices will be gradually given to her.

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  3. I think that you should set an example for your niece. Be honest about what you think and feel. Don’t be afraid to challenge her to either stand up for herself or go with the flow

  4. She is so adorable! Did she end up taking the class? What a benefit to be bilingual in Canada … So cute. You can tell by the pose that she’s a passionate child!

    Thanks, P! 🙂

    • She will in the summer. Once in a while, a free class is offered by the school system and have to take advantage of this opportunity. Otherwise, it’s very expensive. She is very strong minded.

      • Oh, that comes across in the photo! Really adorable! It’s too bad education is expensive … it’s a great tool to have, though, especially in Canada. 🙂

  5. Hahaha! Hello dearest Perpetua! I’m with Lucy, I want my cake and eat it too! lol Sadly though I learnt this one the hard way years ago. LOl That cake is huge!! 🙂 Hugs Paula xxx

  6. I am working with a class of 16 primary ones aged between 5-6 teaching them how to weave. I find reverse-reverse psychology works very well, yes there suppise to be 2 reverse as they are VERY GOOOOOD at using reverse psychology back. You have been warned lol. =)

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