Sweet Woodruff to the Rescue

Every year, I tell myself I will slow down in gardening.  But one cannot help it because the birds need feeding.  Aside from that, there is a menagerie of animals that come and go in our backyard. 
When I started gardening in this complex, the owner does not want to invest any money on the surrounding area.  Looking down from the balcony for the longest time is a sorry sight.  One day, Father Winter came and destroyed the hedging.  Needless to say, the owner must cut down most of the shrubs.  When it was cleared cut, it left an ugly dry arid patch all over the place.  It was worse. 
How do I remedy this?  What would grow on this god forsaken piece of land?  Finally, I told the manager that I will start gardening.  Poppies were the best plant to regenerate the earth.  That’s all I grew, poppies.  After a couple of years, the earthworms came back.  Then I became ambitious.  I planted and I planted and I planted from seedlings to bulbs to shrubs.  It was beautiful. 
Ambition can trigger negative emotions from others I found out. 
There is someone who has light fingers and heavy hands.  Flowers in bloom were being dead headed and broken branches.  It hurts to see plants being desecrated when they took every ounce of their energy to bring joy to the world.  For goodness sake, they are harmless.  
How do I beat this murderous scum of the earth?  Sweet woodruff to the rescue.  I planted them all over the place.  This is one tough plant;  the more it’s dead headed, the vigorous it will grow. 
Sweet Woodruff
Okay, murderer, whoever you are, knock yourself out.
The master was known to favor action over withdrawal. But he always insisted on “Enlightened” action. 
The disciples wanted to know what “Enlightened” meant. Did it mean “right-intentioned”? 
“Oh no,” said the Master. “Think how right-intentioned the monkey is when he lifts a fish from the river to save it from the watery grave.” ~ Anthony de Mello, S.J.
MORSEL: The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. ~ Marcel Proust

43 thoughts on “Sweet Woodruff to the Rescue

  1. Perpetua, I hope you are okay with what I told you about Anjolie! I’ve been living with it for so long that I’m afraid I don’t usually how it sounds to people. I’m sorry if I offended … really!

    • TK, tk, tk…. Of course, I am ok. Just got home. I’ve heard and seen worse case scenario and BRAVO to you to be able to express and write all about all the yukky stuff. No offence taken, mon amie. really! Go watch Les Mis. Just got home from voting now I have to feed the cats. Rest your mind, now. 😛

      • In a way I feel silly, I admit. I don’t know why I’m so emotional over this … The whole experience so consumed my life (and friendships) … Thank you for your understanding and reply, P!
        You may accept the challenge of praying for my calm to return … 🙂
        Thank you!

      • It will be more of a pleasure. Done and will continue before I go to sleep. I missed the news of Jolie, Na naite _/\_

  2. If you have the credentials, show them. Why not, I see it quite a few sites where they have their awards on the side bar. If you want, you may want to have a separate page just for your “Credentials and Awards” to let the readers know that WE like your writing. 😛 Not an overkill at all. 😛

  3. How beautiful, P! I think it must be nicer weather in B.C. than here in Ottawa … 🙂 Really, though, I’m a little envious, heehee … I’m just not sure if it’s because of your beautiful flowers or the weather! Seriously, I’m happy for you!! 🙂

    • Bowing, curtsey and thank you. But of course, BC has THE weather of Canada. I’m happy for sweet woodruff. They are beautiful. 😛 Soon, Ottawa will have summer in 2014. 😆

      • Hahaha … I’ll say this much: Ottawa has millions of beautiful tulips! The ones I do see, however, seem quite confused. Open wide and sharing their colours on a sunny day, then cringing the next day with dark clouds, rain and cold!

        I submitted my work, btw! Tomorrow I’ll treat myself to watching a new DVD I bought myself: Les Miserables! 🙂

      • Poor tulips. Wow, Les Mis, now it’s my turn to be jealous. Good for you to treat Miss #1, And congratulations that you finished writing. When will it be published?

      • I have no idea, not even the title. I’m going to see if she wants clarification on anything. If I don’t hear from her, I’m going to ask her about that.

        Did you hear about Anjolina Joli? Amazing coincidence!! :-). We, you know …

        Have a great day, P! 😉

      • She gave an article in the New York Times about how she was at high risk (87 percent) of getting breast cancer, and so decided to undergo a preventative double mastectomy surgery.
        I had cancer in my left breast, and lumps in my right that had a high percentage chance of become cancerous, so after a long and painful debate on different treatment options, I underwent a double mastectomy surgery.
        The astonishing revelation to me is how she went through the thought process I did, including dealing with the fact that we’d lose our nipples.
        Anyway, I just thought it was a heck of a thing to wake up to that news this morning , right after I wrote my story and submitted it last night! I just love it when life offers such coincidences.
        So with a smile, P., I wish you a great day!! 🙂

      • I better turn on the news about Jolie. I like her spunk. As for breast, It’s good only for one thing, Mother’s milk for the babies. There you go, TK, you are not alone. You are one brave and fabulous person! Very commendable. I’m so glad I pursued your site. 😛

      • I’m hoping that her coming out like this will help many women! And because she’s liked, she’ll reach more people.

        Bless you, P! G’nite. 🙂

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  5. hey I used to have that Proust quote on my blog!! A blog site was worried that i had used an Anthony de mello quote and that agnes Sanford was New age when I mentioned her on my Communion of saints post. BUT you know what is hilarious?+ Protestants think that catholics are open to occult by praying to mary and the saints and wonder if we are even saved! i think that often FEAR of the devi and deception is stronger than trust in God’s Mercy and grace. It freezes us often preventing the inner journey, If we are honsestly seeking more of Him, he will bring us into the light

    • Bring back that quote on your blog! There is not a shred of New Age on it at all. We have to remain open to the wonders of God and you are right FEAR in a frightening way will keep us away from getting closer to Him. Have no fear and let them be amaze. Shine on. As for Mary and the Saints we are asking for their intercession. Is that hard to understand? Just like we ask other people to pray for us.
      Thanks. Good exchange.

  6. My sister’s kids has the nasty habit of breaking plants. They have a healthy respect from me – I told them, I catch you breaking anything in my garden and I will personally tan your hide, mom or no mom – it has not happened since.
    i wonder why people do this to defenseless plants. For that matter, defenseless animals too – the human race is broken it would seem…

  7. I love poppies. I’m looking forward to the fields of them to bloom! I painted a picture of the last year. Your Woodruff is beautiful. I’ll have to add them to a few of my pics as well. God’s peace.

  8. I like the beauty of gardens, flowers, trees….but I don’t have a green thumb! Good luck to you! Gardening is a good hobby…better than blogging..healthier!

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