Having fun yet?  Enjoying the outdoors?  Feeling good? 
Well, if you are not, do something.  Get out there. 
Weekend was spent doing gardening and with family.  I think I had an overdose of family activities.  Or I think it was heat stroke due to unseasonable summer like weather.  I could spend all day in the garden and still not be able to see all the miracles in a small patch of land.  All of these activities made me feel good. 
Walking underneath a sakura tree when the wind is blowing, it feels as if it’s snowing.  This little girl sure knows how to have the joy of  falling blossoms on her. 

This is week two of 30×30 David Suzuki Nature Challenge.  Join, come and live the Nature Challenge.


27 thoughts on “Howyadoing?

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  2. Ummm …. Yes, I’m out early today. Thunderstorm is coming this afternoon, so they say. I think I slept through spring, though, because the temperature is 20 plus for last few days … 🙂 G’day P!

  3. I’ll be spending time outdoors this weekend – my washing machine is outside the house, and I have three weeks’ worth of laundry…
    Have fun outside P – Spring is a lovely season to be out!

    • Hi, Y. I will, I will, I will. I am tardy in visiting other post lately. Too much fun staying outdoors. Soon, my post will dwindle because of changing season. Fun to outdoors. 😛

      • Don’t blame you for that. The weather is up and down here. Going to Houston Tx next Tuesday for 10 days I know it will be nice there. You have fun and take care.
        Love Yisraela

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