As Above, So Below

One has to have good walking shoes in order to travel far on foot.IMG 100  But how many shoes do I need?  And which one will go with my attire for the day.  Decisions, decisions.  It’s hard enough to think what I have to wear everyday to work, to pick the best shoes is another story.

IMG 101

It’s a beautiful sunny day.  People are happy based on this drawing on the sidewalk.

The one o’clock sun cast a shadow in front of me and I can see how the wind ruffles my clothing.  Good thing I remembered to tie my hair, otherwise, it will be all over the place.

As I thought of what is above me, it reminded me of the Emerald Tablet written by Hermes.  There are other thinkers who have expanded it so well.

IMG 104

Heaven above, heaven below;

stars above, stars below;

all that is above, thus also below;

understand this and be blessed.

 – Kircher, Prodrom




The writings on the ground say it all.  I hope who ever Tara was found some compassion IMG 102to forgive the writer.  For Tara in another language means compassion.

Even after all this time,
the Sun
does not say
to the Earth,
you owe me.
what happens with
a love
like that. It

As for the tablet, this is what I captured that speaks close to my heart.

IMG 107

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35 thoughts on “As Above, So Below

    • There’s the belle of WP. I love rocks. Big rocks, little rocks, boulders …. Thanks for liking the tablet. I found it tuck away in the community garden.

  1. Beautiful post, Perpetua. Cool photo of your shadow!
    Its so hard picking which pair of shoes to wear. Men don’t realise the dilemma. 🙂 lol. Hugs Paula xx

    • One o’clock sun is better than noon sun otherwise, shadow will be short. I look so tall with that shadow. And you hit that right button, shoes! Got to have the right one, Paula dear. Waving… Perpetua

  2. I can see why the tablet inspired you — a lot of intricate details to share with everyone who looks at it, not expecting anything in return (and it seems, not even artist’s recognition). A reminder that no matter how much good we give out, we end up having more … Great post, P! Thank you for sharing … 🙂

    • Ah spoken by a wise woman. The more we give, the more we receive. There’s so much that nature gives that one cannot ignore it. Thanks, Tk.

      • I agree. I am particularly thankful for people like you who share such beauty with us. It broadens our scope of vision! 🙂

      • Awwww…. TK, I am blushing…And you my dear friend, you do the same thing. Giving us all the stories about Canada, that makes us proud of. God Sunday to you. Now, time for your 30×30. 😛

      • I did more than that yesterday, and I’m paying for it today … But I will keep doing it for it’s nice out and I need to walk! Thank you, imp, for the challenge! 🙂

      • You and me both. My back is sore from spending most of the afternoon yesterday in the garden. I have to take Advil to sleep. But it’s worth it. 😛

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