Meals on Wheels

Didn’t I just tell you that I prefer to spend outdoors on 30×30 Nature Challenge?  Well, I do.  Even on lunch break, I don’t chin wag with my colleagues and sit around at our lunch room or at the Food Fair.  Instead, I go search for the best Meals on Wheels. 
Hot dog stands.  These kiosks are so popular and the line-up would measure up as long as a football field.  Well, I am exaggerating.  Maybe, there are at least four people ahead of me. 
When it comes to line up, I prefer to entertain myself rather than get cranky waiting to be served because I am so hungry.  All I can think is that MSG on the hot dog.  It is so tasty and salty.  I just love the savoury flavour of a hot dog.  Jumbo dog is the best with all the trimmings. 
Anyway, to entertain myself, I either speak to the person in front or behind me as my victim.  If only they know, tee hee.  
There was this tall person in front of me and I crank up my head to say “Hello up there”.  He was towering over me.  And he seemed to be delighted with my opening line, (this is not a pick up line, ok!) and we started talking.  We talked about this and that.  To be a good conversationalist, I make sure I get the other person talking more that I do.  And he did talked a lot about himself. 
What I remembered the most was how he spent time with his son taking him on a helicopter ride to see an aerial view of Whistler Mountain.  To see the grandeur of the forest, the Gondola moving from one peak to another, the bears running around and to land on the glacier was an experience and a half for his son. 
Our conversation was cut short because he has to order and bid adieu.  That was the end of our intimate brief encounter. 
The following week, hot dog time again.  I just have to get rid of this craving.  There was hardly any line up and I saw this big poster of a man posted on the stand.  I asked the vendor if that is the owner of the stand and that I remember talking to him last week.  
“Do you mean you don’t know this person?” the vendor exclaimed.
“Am I supposed to know him?” I responded with a quizzical facial expression.
“What? Don’t you really know him?” he asked again.
“Does he know who Perpetua the seeker is?” I questioned the vendor. 
The vendor laughed at my retort. 
Guess who that man was.  No other than…. 
2013 May 2 Tom Selleck
 You guess it right.  Tom Selleck. What do I know?  

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33 thoughts on “Meals on Wheels

  1. What?? No Way ! You met Tom Selleck? He is such a hottie ! Can I touch you? You’re now famous too. 🙂
    Now about that hot dog fetish…oh boy. Although my addiction is pizza. Maybe we can begin a support group.

    • Tee hee… I didn’t really know the fella until the vendor told me who he was expecting that I should know him. 😛 Salt Anonymous for a support group. And I’ll take the first step.

  2. It appears you and Tom had a nice conversation. I wrote a little about Tom Selleck in my Feb.1st post. He was my man in the early eighties! 🙂 I bet people who act for a living probably enjoy having conversation with others who treat them as someone who is a regular person because they aren’t any different than anyone else. He is on a current TV show on Saturday evenings, I’ve only seen this show a couple of times. I enjoyed your story.

    • You did? Got to check your site about him. It’s beyond me how people go to extreme when they meet “stars”. But I must say, I did go gaga about a certain rags to riches star when I was younger just because she was such a good singer. And then she reverted back to “being poor” again.

  3. When I lived in Seattle, I knew a few people who liked to go to Vancouver just for all the amazing “street food.” Maybe they were really looking for the celebrities too! 😉

  4. When was this? P, you make me smile so often … I love this guy! But I believe you single-handedly gave Canadians a heck of a great reputation! Good on you! 🙂

    • This happened around late 90’s. I was really totally clueless about him just like “Bonanza”. Hmmm… maybe I’ll write about him, eh?

      • He was at his best as Magnum, in my opinion! And he always gave me the impression, in interviews, that he was kind, gentle and down to earth. I’ve only met a few “celebrities” in my life, but the one I’ll treasure most is meeting the real Maria Von Trap (played by Julie Andrews in Sound of Music) – classy woman and an experience I’ll treasure forever! 🙂

      • Wow, how did you meet her? Please do tell or write a post about her and then include your experience. 😛

      • It was several years ago. I went with a group I was a part of, to Vermont. I was the only one who knew who she was. The good part about that is that I could meet and talk (and even get my picture taken with her). It was great! 🙂

      • Definite this a post, including the picture! The hills are alive with the sound of TK…. la la la….

      • ♫ ♫ What can we do about a problem like Perpetua?♬ ♬ heehee 🙂 [er, just so don’t get the wrong idea, that’s a paraphrase of a song in the movie …]

      • Hey, how did you do that musical staff. I know, my first name is Maria and I heard that song so many times. 😆

    • The thing is even he’s the prince or king, I wouldn’t know the difference. I don’t know Hollywood stars but Yul Brener, Telly Savalas and Charles Bronson. Magnum PI? Never watched it. He was so easy to talk to, g. Very friendly. 😛

      • I think that’s the only way to treat them actually – most of them have ego’s bigger than the moon – a bit of normalcy will only do them good 😉
        And I LOVED Magnum PI when I was a kid 🙂

    • The line up as long as a football field is fiction, the rest is true. It’s easier to write true stories than to make up a story. Glad you like it, tm.

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