30 x 30 Nature Challenge

Number 30 represents the number of days in the month of May.  The next 30 is the number of minutes it takes to be healthy.  And you may want to add 30 easy steps in attaining a healthy and happy lifestyle that cost a cinch. 
For the next 30 consecutive days, David Suzuki came up with this brilliant idea how we can connect with nature.  The more we connect with nature, the smarter, healthier and happy we become.  He further stated that getting outside even makes us nicer and more likely to clean up the planet let alone our act.  Staying indoors will give us the cabin fever and you know what it does do to your disposition in life. 
I can attest to what David is saying since I wander around, meander or plainly loiter on this earth.  During my coffee and lunch breaks, I go outside the board; rain or shine.  I definitely need to go out and be in touch with nature.  Call me a snob, call me unsociable, call me a loner, I prefer to be out walking, taking a peek what is coming out of Mother Earth, listening to the birds singing, feeling that wind on my face, basking on the early morning sun, and much more. 
But of course, going out takes so much effort, eh?  Nah, rest assure David made it more possible for us to have fun and for your benefit.  And the benefit has a ripple effect.  Only you can discover this benefit once you take the challenge. 
So, I say, come and join the challenge even though it’s a Canadian Challenge.  You can also partake in your own country and encourage others.  Join, come and live the Nature Challenge. 

35 thoughts on “30 x 30 Nature Challenge

  1. It’s just not fair..I do 30 x 180 and I still love to eat. But what a great way to look at things for a healthier you. Great idea Perpetua. As for being in the outdoors, it’s really hard to get me back into the house. I love it, regardless of the weather.

    • You are exception to the rule. You need all the energy from running around with your photography. I think you have great job being outdoors.

  2. I discovered David Suzuki from the blogger Geo Sans. He isn’t huge in America yet, but I love what he does in Canada. Thanks for this wonderful challenge. {{{hugs]}} kozo

  3. Perpetua, you’ve just helped me forgive myself for being one of those co-workers who just had to get outside at break times. Even as a mom I need to get outside as much as possible – my children are the same. 🙂 We’re so blessed to live in a mild climate!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • We have such a temperate climate, Wendy. Hardly have any winter this year. I must say we have our fair share of rain which I can handle. I’m glad to hear that your children share being outdoorsy. Thank you for the Blessings. And you and yours as well. Perpetua.

      • You are a sweet person, I love your honesty and your way of thinking and and speaking and your logic. You are also fun.
        Thank you, and I am sorry there was no cake 😦

        Shaun x

  4. I adore nature, Perpetua. 🙂 if I feel low I just hug my animals sit on a log and listen to the birds. Sorry I’m behind keeping up with posts! Hugs Paula. Xx

  5. You little imp, P! (Heehee). Now I’ve signed up and now I’ll feel obligated to live up to David’s expectation …. Seriously, thank you! 🙂

    • 😆 Way to go, TK. Get off your posterior. He’s a good guy.Now, we need to get people to sign up. Tell your fans, TK. Do a blog about David. Okeydokey?

      • Are you having problem with WP? Sometimes, the blogs that I follow don’t show up in the reader. How do you know it’s not showing up on your list?

      • okay, so this is my third attempt to reply … I just assumed that the blogs I subscribed to were either on a break or on vacation or something like that. Then this blogger told me about his problems, so I went to check it out. And lo and behold, there I found about a hundred unread comments. I hate to think that people who took the time to write me maybe thought I was rude or felt like I was a (insert bad word) who couldn’t even take a minute to reply! Anyways, I am now making it part of my daily reading routine! 🙂

      • Well, I did not even think for one minute that you are rude. I think that you have so much e-mails that it takes time to respond. Now, I hope I’m not having the same problem. Oh well, the joy of technology. #$% !!! 😛 Ok, got to feed them cats.

  6. Very nice post!
    I surely agree that Nature provides us the inner happiness and refreshes our minds. Lord Byron had captured it correctly, in the following lines:

    “There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
    There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
    There is society, where none intrudes,
    By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
    I love not man the less, but Nature more”

    Have a good one!

    • Hi Paula. So glad to hear another soul who meander around. It’s so refreshing to be outside, all things considered. I think your gravatar says all about you since “Butterflies are Free”.

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