So Far So Good

Let’s have a look what it’s like for a five year old to keep her Dad to stay calm.  
Take note, parents; you might be able to learn how to train your children and become a life saver. 

20 thoughts on “So Far So Good

  1. Is that not just something…
    I have a daughter a year younger, and that almost (Almost) brought a tear to my eye..That is SOO CUTE..And brave… Re-blogged..


      • Yeah we are trying with Courtney, gently to not be scared of the dark. Her younger sister has no fear. But Chloe is 2, Courtney is 4 in 15 days or so. Gentle assurances does it. My youngest son who is 19 now was VERY SHY and was worse, and we got there with him. And my sons are both amazing with their little sisters. Joy to watch it is..
        Singing, she enjoys. She is starting ballet soon, and she can’t wait.She gets taught a little at Nursery (Kindergarten) so she has a passion for that. That, I am really looking forward to. I always encourage any kid to do activities and the more the better.
        Bravery is a hard one.You are either born brave or now. Letting her know (Gently) she is safe in her own home is the challenge. Having the dog now, when she open the main room door to walk up the long hallway, the dog followers her, so the dog is helping here overcome the fear,so we are keeping an eye on that. You just have the show gentle unconditional love…
        Really, thank you for your words..

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