Now I Know

How well do we really know a person even though we live with them for most of our lives?  Do you?  Well, I don’t, I must admit. 
Mother and I lived together for a long time yet I hardly know her.  We may live in the same roof but that doesn’t mean we share our thoughts.  Mother is excellent in giving us our autonomy.  It is very important to her that we are our own person. 
Here’s another question.  Do you know where you draw your strength from?  Strength could mean your physical, mental or spiritual being.  I’m sure that there are so many ways where you can gather your strength from. 
As for my Mother, this is a piece of her story.  To read, the story, please click on the image. 

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30 thoughts on “Now I Know

    • Bernadette, bless your heart. You are the first person in the web that has this book. Do you have story in there somewhere? Do tell. Pax, Perpetua.

      • I picked up this book at a rummage sale at our Church! I had already read the 101 Inspirational Stories of the Rosary and also the one about Reconciliation by the same author. Loved them all. When I read them I feel as though I am praying, and my heart just fills up with love!

        I remember reading your mother’s story:-) Beautiful!

  1. Thirteen children? WOW ! Your mother was a very busy and hard working person. I’m trying to remember, was she Latina? Latina mothers are quite interesting, I have one and have compared notes with other friends. Quite similar stories.

  2. Well, after reading a bit here and there, I’d have to say both, Perpetua AND Shaun, are great bloggers! Such inspiration! Thank you both for the heart’s smiles!! 🙂

  3. How beautiful, and what peace it must give you to know the love that Father God has for you and your twelve other siblings, as well as for your mom. What a joy to have been raised in a godly home, with many brothers and sisters, and much love from your mother.

    God bless you Perpetua,

    • She is truly amazing when I hear bits and pieces of her stories from the lips of relatives. Thank you for your blessings, Cheryl. Pax tecum. Perpetua.

  4. Such a beautiful story Perpetua!!
    Although, personally, I would have been hard pressed to see thirteen kids as a blessing! I had a hard enough time with the two I did have without a husband to help!! Your mom was indeed a strong woman to have withstood the storms she had to face.

  5. What really is knowing another person?

    Is it about recognising the physical form? Is it about understanding the persons likes, dislikes and behaviour? Or is it a combination of both?

    Could it also be that our perception of “knowing the other person” is a function of shared culture, beliefs and dreams beyond the sharing of space?


  6. 13 Children..WOW..An amazing woman she must have been.

    Strength, for me, is something you posses or you don’t. I think in life you learn strength, sadly not all people do, some give in sadly as they can’t find it.
    I gather mine for sheer wanting it, I need it. I demand it, And I refuse to give in, I am stubborn as a mule. And my Partner Dawn is always at me to “Slow Down” or “Relax for a few hours” I try to listen. But I push myself to the limits, then when the pain comes I get ” I told you so” 🙂

    Great Blog.
    And yeah, living with someone does not mean we fully know them. People only give what they want to give in terms of personality I guess.

    Shaun x

    • Hiya Shaun. You are a very strong person just reading what you go through. I’m glad you think this blog is great since you are a master blogger. Have a grand day in Scotland!

      • Master Blogger 🙂
        Come on…who’s kidding who here…
        I am just a lad with a keyboard pal..

        I meant what I said though, she must have been a remarkable woman. My Dad had 8 brothers and sisters, my Mum 9…I think large families were par for the course. I say did, as many are not with us anymore

        I appreciate the words, really do, but Master Blogger…
        You are a better blogger than me …Truly..

        Shaun xx

        ps: I mean no disrespect ok, I just don’t think I deserve this praise after reading some of your blogs. They are fantastic. I blog crap 🙂

        Hope you are well xx

      • Now, now… give yourself more credit that cxxp. We are being educated by your condition that we are not aware of. You have been a good soccer coach and a great music teacher to your girls. Shaun, I take no offence and thank you for your contributions. 😛

      • I meant no offence, I just don’t take flattery very well.. I am sorry..I honestly don’t.Speak to Mer she will tell ya, lol.. ps: you got Facebook? lol…
        I appreciate all you say, and yeah, I love teaching these two to sing:
        They bring light to my dark..Sometimes with medication and pain, you (we) take things the wrong way.

        God Bless ya and thank you and sorry again

        Shaun xx

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