A Rowdy Tale

I am thinking of all animal lovers out there in the cyber world. Here’s tale posted by Life With John. Paulette, you are so infectious.

Life with John

Here’s a wonderful story about Rowdy, a kitten who recently got a big boost up in life from the great folks at Cat’s Cradle, a nonprofit, no-kill animal rescue organization located in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

March 19

Cat’s Cradlerescued Rowdy, an adorable and playful 10 week old kitten from the pound.

Unfortunately, poor little Rowdy had a medical condition: chronic constipation, meaning he could not empty his bowels on his own. The cause was unclear, but the veterinarian saw signs of nerve damage, which can occur due to physical trauma such as being struck by a car. Rowdy was placed on daily medications and a regimen of regular enemas (which you can imagine he was not a fan of!), but surgery was the only cure for his condition.

Cat’s Cradleput out a call for extra help raising the funds needed for Rowdy’s life-saving surgery.

March 28

A week had gone…

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