Mosaic of Cultures

The first thing that comes to mind about culture, I think of Mosaic.  
Being an immigrant, Mosaic is the place for new comers to Vancouver.  MOSAIC is a multilingual non-profit organization that helps immigrants and refugees settle and integrate into Canadian society. 
In Vancouver, diversity is important and has different kinds of festivals for different ethnic groups.  The City helps us understand and introduces the new Canadians.  There are various pictures with stories posted along the main areas of those people that share their stories. 
Walking around downtown, I saw this particular picture and I thought they look familiar. As I read their story, I said to myself: “Hey, just a minute now; that is my Grandmother and one of her daughters, my Aunt. Their story was selected as part of the new Canadians.
Lola, Tito & Tita, Cousins

Lola, Tito & Tita, Cousins

  This particular post, I see it every day on my way to work.

When people ask me what nationality I am, I proudly say, I am Canadian.  Strangely enough, my answer is questioned.  
“I say really.” 
“Aren’t you a Filipino?” 
“Nope, I am Canadian.” 
Silence for a minute, thinking for another minute and finally they understand what I mean.  
“Ah, I see says the blind mice.  You came from the Philippines and now you are a Canadian.” 
“Precisely.”  That is my final answer.

45 thoughts on “Mosaic of Cultures

  1. Good post! I had similar encounters many times. When I traveled to other places, even if it is in the U.S.,, people asked me, where are you from. I said: United States. i meant where did you originate from? I said again: United states. No, you look like Asian. So, what do you mean? Do you know everyone is an immigrant in the United States, except the Native Americans?

  2. So cool that your family is featured downtown. So cool that downtown features new Canadians. When people ask me where I am from, I say, “I’m from God.” haha {{{Hugs}} Kozo

    • It was, Janet. I felt like telling the crowd, hey, look at this! This is my Grandmother. No, I did not. I was so proud to see them, in a quiet way.

  3. When we read about other people we have an opportunity to learn. I do believe at times we can help others see their thinking (the way one looks at things or person). We can help enlighten others through our own experiences. We are all family. I believe the human condition, is wanting to know where someone is originally from because we’ve been taught separation and not unity. Sometimes I ask someone where they are from because of their accent and then I may ask more question because I want to know more about their country and culture. I constantly remind myself that we aren’t our nationality, color of our skin, race and even our profession that we tend to identify ourselves with. I’m understanding we are powerful spirits surrounded my Grace and created from Love, all here to learn and help one another.

    • I totally agree with you, Pam. Every moment is an opportunity to rise above ourselves and be one with Love. Apart from learning, we are here to be of service to all sentient beings. And to take care of Mother Earth for we only have one place. Here, right now. Blessings. Perpetua

    • It was a surprise for me. Now, here I am resurrecting the old story. I asked permission first if I am allowed to share. Thank goodness, request granted.

  4. I love your answer! Too bad more people don’t think this way.
    That’s really fun to have your family represent immigrants in the display. What an incredible discovery!

    • I suppose because I think in literal terms, :P. Yes, it was a pleasant discovery. I found out today, that they are posted in two different sites. My Aunt will take me there when the weather is warmer. I will make sure I’ll take plenty of pictures for more stories.

  5. The great thing about Canada (& America) is that they are nations made of immigrants and thus have amazing diversity. I have a friend here in Oman who is Filipino originally but is also Canadian. That passport opens a lot of doors for her. 🙂

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