Act of Charity ~ Cat Kind

My cats eat more than I do and their food cost more than my grocery bill.  It’s so disconcerting when I spend so much money on wet food, then Maurice will take one sniff and walks away.  Cajoling, stroking or sweet talks does not work at all if he doesn’t like his supper. 
It’s really important to make them happy since they are my loving and loyal companion.  Should I have my own, of course, I will do the same.  Therefore, these cats are my “children”. 
Thank goodness, I found Henri, the “catherapist”.  I could learn a lot from him not to mention a few new language. 
Jouir de       =^.^=

30 thoughts on “Act of Charity ~ Cat Kind

  1. Hey, great clip, and so true! Fresh chicken, catnip from the garden; anything to break up their routine and give a little in return for all they give me…

    • Hi John, I am still walking in your post. Lo and behold, you found a short cut. 😆 Not to mention I have to grow fresh grass for them. The things we do for love. Okay, let me finish my walk at your post.

  2. Wonderful post!!!! Had my cat for 17 years, fed him cooked inexpensive meats, chicken. A couple of years before he died I tried canned cat food and he began losing his hair, that told me a lot!!!!!!

  3. What an adorable post. The video reminded me of Sammy and Jada my two cats. I generally have more than one dry food. It is true that they get as bored with their food as people. Why shouldn’t they? Cute post

    • Isn’t it, Yisraela. Another cat lady lover, that is good to know. I don’t want to be bored. Boredom is a root of some evil. They are up to no good 😛

  4. My two cats only get dry food.
    Sometimes some of my leftover food, but the thing is, if you are hungry enough, you’ll eat what’s in your bowl – bottom line.
    I can’t really be bothered to spoil felines – not with food in any case!

    • That is true, they will eventually it because they have no choice. You see, I spoil myself when it comes to food that is why I think they should be spoilt as well.

      • IF I spoilt myself in that regard, I would them too.
        As it is, whenever I eat ANYTHING, they surround me, until I can’t eat anymore because they’re literally staring the food right out of my mouth. Then they do get a treat in any case 😉

  5. Henri is cute! I, too, spend on my cat’s well being and fed and entertained sometimes more than on myself! These loyal companions deserve no less in light of what they give us! I’m not sure how you find all these great videos, but I’m glad you do, and share them! Thank you … and have a great day. 🙂

    • Doesn’t he look regal. Yes, TK, you are right! They deserve a lot more. I treat them as if they are human beings. The videos are in the YouTube. This is Act 1 and I found it one of the bloggers site and she directed me where it to find. Stay tuned. Good evening.

      • I am looking forward to seeing part deux! My cat doesn’t like me when I’m sick, but I’m hoping to feel better tomorrow so we can play again … They’re like our children, eh? Good night, P! 🙂

    • Ola, amiga Paula. Wait till you get home and see your Llamas. Do you know what’s happening to your babies. No… don’t even think of them… sorry you are on R&R. Kisses. Perpetua.

      • I’m so missing them. I feel worse knowing I may have to give them away. Meaning getting divorced and selling the property. I’m trying to not let it get me down:( hugs Paula. Xxx

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