Vancouver Racers Go Extra Mile in Boston’s Honour

This was the headline on the newspaper.  Vancouver Sun Run became Boston Sun Run.  The event official colour was blue and yellow in memory of Boston.  Many runners at the run wore these colours of Boston Marathon’s colour, too .  It was a success. 
The weather cooperated that day.  The sky was sunny and the bed of flowers was all in bloom as the run around Stanley Park.  It was perfect day for 48,196 participants in all walks of life. 
At the last-minute, more runners signed up to be united with our neighbour, United States of America.  The first female that reached the 10K run finished it in 32 minutes and second was from USA.  For the men’s, the first man to finish was from Kenya took him 29 minutes and second was from USA. 
Two of my nieces, Nicole and Andrea, joined the run,  Nicole wore blue.  They were proud to be part of it and so is the whole family for taking the courage to support others as well.  They called this triumphantly as Sun Fun Run in their face book.

Definitely, this will be an unforgettable experience for most people with a tinged of sadness.  They were all racing for Boston. 
And they did it! 
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14 thoughts on “Vancouver Racers Go Extra Mile in Boston’s Honour

  1. Thanks Seeker, for this inspirational article that shows the thoughtful support – all the way from British Columbia – to Boston Marathon tragedy. Bostonians are resilient. They are working hard to get over that nightmarish ordeal and move on, and such kind and humanitarian support is definitely encouraging and motivational in the healing process.

    As a side-note, I am copying the link below, to my last post on Boston Marathon tragedy, as I was witnessing the events unfolding during the manhunt for suspects….thought I should share.

    • Your welome Mr. Scientis. Thank you as well as for sharing your post. Anyone who is hurting must be supported and encouraged for the benefit of all human kind. This is how peace begins. We are praying for Boston. Take care, Deo.

  2. I prayerfully bow to honor and pray for those hurting physically emotionally, spiritiually. Everyone world wide must feel the pain of each other and be supportive in all possible ways. It is the duty of mankind.

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