Intruder Alert… A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Not only there is violence in the outside world such as Boston, but there is also violence in WordPress bloggers.  I am here to warn all of you of this blogger that I welcomed to the circle and unbeknownst to me, “it” has a hidden agenda. 
I do not take delight in exposing anyone, but I want to give you warning how evil operates in the guise of Freedom of Speech at the expense of others.  “It” feeds on others and as a responsible blogger, I want to throw some light on this.
Beware of this blogger:  These are the selected entries that I discovered that “it” posted.
Prayer Journal
Popular Prayers
I am sorry that I am the bearer of bad news.  Please help me pray for this situation.  Thank you.
This is in response to: Daily Prompt: Stranger

16 thoughts on “Intruder Alert… A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

  1. I am sorry that this is permitted by WordPress. It seems that abusing other bloggers is permitted as long as the abusive party does not break their ToS. It is truly sad that some people hide under the rights to Freedom of Speech. Since when does Freedom of Speech include harassing others and hacking the feelings or beliefs of individuals? How dare they encourage individuals to bare their souls then abandon them when they are attacked for having done so.

    Keep posting, Seeker, and NEVER feed the troll.

  2. When a friend like you hurts, I hurt. Maybe if he keeps reading your posts, eventually something will sink in. Keep being a messenger, and let the Spirit do Its thing! 🙂

  3. Hello lovely lady. The world is full of different opinions etc. Don’t let it get to you. They shouldn’t have linked to you. Our special and very friendly pilgrim. 🙂 I hug you…..Paula. xxx

  4. Oh dear. Isn’t there enough hardship, anger and violence all around us already? This is so lame. I try to use a soft answer to turn wrath around and hopefully this person will turn his/her life around. I am sorry that it had impacted you. But it is wise and prudent that you let others know. You did the right thing.

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