Feed me, please…

I am lost and really famished.  
Where am I?  I don’t see a soul on the street and the heat is sweltering.  My mouth is so dry.  I know there is a community centre somewhere but which way is it?  North? South? East? West?  My sense of direction is out of kilter because all I can think is food.  Stomach is giving me the signs and symptoms of emptiness.    
Feeling weaker by the minute, finally I found a path that looks familiar.  Trout Lake and the centre are just around the bend.  I picked up my pace and made a bee line to the centre.  The centre is CLOSED! 
Now what?  One more place to check out is the food stand by the lake and this is my last hope. 
Praying and hoping that the food stand is open, I headed toward the lake.  In an open field, behind the centre, a gentle breeze blew and a whiff of barbeques cooking is in the air penetrated my nose.  Food!  Excitedly, I followed my nose and I could see a big group having a picnic. 
As I approached closer, the group is within the confines of a rope encircling the picnic.  A table manned with two people is at the entrance, a good way to make sure that there are no gate crashers or intruders.  I will be crashing and I am an intruder because I intended to ask for food and pay for it.  Surely they will feed me because I have money to pay for and besides they seem to be a church congregation because of the hymns they sang.  Surely they will feed me for the Church is familiar with Jesus’ teaching ~ Feed my sheep. 
When I approached these guards, I told them my predicament and show them I have money to pay for the food. Feed me, please.
One of the guards said, of course I may eat only when I can say the Lord’s Prayer.  Delighted, I sang and danced the Lord’s Prayer from what I learnt at the Ashram.  Then the guards welcomed me in, introduced me to a few people, and feed me for free. 
Here I found myself at the other end of the stick and as I ate my fill, I was thinking of the intruded at the ashram. 
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27 thoughts on “Feed me, please…

    • It all came to surface when I started writing the Ashram story. So are you Bella, being in constantly in touch with nature and bring the nature of things to us. I can see the spirituality in your work.

  1. Wonderful and beautiful story! I really appreciated this!! I also read the Ashram story. It is interesting being on the other side of the fence, isn’t it? I’ve been on both sides many times and it’s when I am in these positions that I find I learn and grow. 🙂 hugs to you…..

  2. Thank you for sharing your story Perpetua. I’ve received much. Would Jesus ask someone to pray before allowing that being to join them in their celebration? Your thoughts, meditation and prayer led you to them. This was their opportunity to welcome you unconditionally. To be of service to someone in need, regardless… The gentleman who entered the Ashram was escorted out with no conditions. I’ve shown up like the guards, giving with conditions and I’ve shown up believing I am better than others like the people at the Ashram. I’m grateful to see this as well as being able to acknowledge this behavior and belief in me because this will allow me to change and not judge myself and others for showing up like this. I don’t know if the behavior and belief is completely gone in me. My prayer is that I recognize when I show up giving with conditions and or believing I’m better than another that I do not have an excuse or defend my position because this will allow me to continue to heal beliefs and behaviors that must die.

    • Thank you, Pam for additional thoughts to ponder. By writing down your thoughts, sharing it and praying about it, God listens to you more than ever. It takes time to connect the dots just like it took me a long time of quiet contemplation about the events of my life. Pax Tecum. Perpetua

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