April is Daffodil Month

April is a very special month.  It’s the time when Daffodil is in bloom.  Daffodil is a bright flower and a symbol of support for people living with cancer or cancer survivor.  Daffodil is a very special flower. 
April is also a wet month here in Vancouver.  Before the rain ruins these beautiful flowers, I took pictures of them in my garden and in the neighbouring properties.  They are so proud looking and a delight to look at. 
I am sharing these pictures for those people who are directly or indirectly affected with Cancer that I am thinking of you.  Cancer is just another common disease such as cold.  Cancer Society is working hard to fight cancer, finding a cure and enhance the quality of life that is living with cancer. 
 “It’s meant to be a symbol of hope for people who are facing cancer and it’s uniting us in the fight against Cancer,” 
Show your support by and make a difference in your own way no matter how big or small. 
my daffodil
 Wear a daffodil pin · Make a donation · Volunteer · Spread the word

15 thoughts on “April is Daffodil Month

    • Good Morning, We learn something new everyday. And you son, taught me how to be a child again. Thanks for writing about him. Have a grand day. 😛

      • I don’t think anyone has ever made me almost cry (with joy of course) from a comment before but you’ve done it, dear.

        He is the inspiration for a lot of things I do these days.
        Thank you for your kindness.
        Have a beautiful weekend as well.

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