Trinity is alive … a happy ending

It’s very seldom that I see cats roaming around the neighborhood.  When I do see one, I play with it and hoping that it has a home to go to.  And I pray that it won’t follow me home. 
There were two occasions that I wanted to take the cats home that were homeless.  Well, I did take one home.  How it happened was due to Megan, my little sister.  Megan found a cat around the school yard.  She calls her “shadow” and is very concerned about the cat. 
The cat is gray and really skinny for my liking.  So I told Megan to observe the cat for the whole week.  Should the cat be still around when I come and visit the following week, I’ll take action.  Megan was all keen about this modus operandi. 
The following week, she excitedly told me “shadow” is still around.  I kept my word and took the cat home.  In the meantime, she has another assignment.  I asked her to write notices and post it all around the neighborhood that I have the cat and use her as a contact person.  She loved the idea and felt she’s saving the poor cat. 
In the meantime, I have another cat at home, Maurice.  This is not going to go well.  And it didn’t.  But before that, I took “shadow” to the vet and make sure it’s not carrying anything that will pass on to Maurice.  Cost me an arm and a leg for vet. 
Week later, Megan told me that she received a phone call that their cat is missing and it fits the description of “shadow”.  Thank goodness, I hope they are the owner.  And they were. 
The following day, Father and daughter arrived at my door step with a bouquet of flower.  Tears of joy.  Rosie is her name not “shadow”.  My advice to them is never ever let Rosie out again. 
The second cat was a Russian Blue.  You know how expensive they are and beautiful?  Of course, I can’t just merrily take the cat home.  Again, we posted tons of posters.  The same day, the owner came and wanted to give us $100 reward.  No, thank you, just take good care of your cat.  I said the same advice.  Keep the cat indoors for there will be no next time.  I’ll definitely raise your cat and sell it for $1,000. 
This story is inspired by a cat named Trinity.  Trinity the cat spent six days stuck up a hydro pole in Kamloops, before workers came to help. 
To view the news, here’s the link: Cat stuck up on a hydro pole

17 thoughts on “Trinity is alive … a happy ending

  1. Poor Trinity ! You are truly the cat whisperer. I used to love playing with stray cats until one attacked me and grabbed my hand and arm with his whole body puncturing a hole in a vein. I’ll never do that again!

  2. We also rescued a cat, and we also named him Shadow, we also made sure he never went outside after the rescue … Unfortunately, he’s in cat heaven now, but while she was with us, she was smothered with love! I love your post today, as always! 🙂

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