Words, I used to believe in words….

Apr 7, 2013 wordsRelated articles

24 thoughts on “Words…

  1. I completely agree with you. I wrote a while ago a post about honesty. Some people can say and write beautiful words, but at the same time they can do unthoughtful and harsh actions. Actions say much more than words. Thank you for this post!

  2. The world is being reduced not only to words but to text, to computer language. We communicate in short tweets, by the click of a like button and by the sending of an SMS. The communication of a smile, a kiss, a hug the touch of a hand or the glint of an eye are becoming lost in a plethora of narrative.

  3. … and yet words like “thank you” can express so much, even if it sounds overused and not as meaningful as what the heart feels … Thanks for these links, P. 🙂

    • Thank you, please, I love you… those are expressive words that we can never say enough. I am speaking of others who speaks and not understand the full meaning of what they are talking about.

      These are the words of St. Francis of Assisi when he had a conversion and he was man of words in wordly environment.

      You are most welcome, TK.

      • Thank you. I guess it is Japanese also. But this picture of a broom resting on a table is very symbolic. Can you tell me the origin , where you find this?
        I totally agree with you that we need action and not words only. But remember if you do not even voice your opinion and concern, nothing will materialize. Thanks for raising such an important subject.

      • It’s a book of “Sayings from the Desert Fathers” titled Desert Wisdom. Translation and art by Yushi Nomura and intro by Henri Nouwen. It’s a book of meditation. I found the book in a second hand store. Beautiful art work and sayings.

    • Hanne, I am so glad that you understand the meaning of this meditation. Unfortunately, there are some people who actually listen to emptiness and find richness that fills the void of their life.

      • There is, however I’m also aware, nothing is what it seems….

        but yes, to me silence(s) has many layers and qualities and is one of the richest gifts to be given and be able to receive… I do think we can only feel full if we dare to be absolutely empty…some wise lad said something along the lines of “don’t be somebody, be nobody” I like that 🙂

      • I like that too. There is a movie about “My name is Nobody”. It’s a Western movie and just love it. As to nothing what it seems, the world we live is an illusion…

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