Colour Me Happy

What is the colour of happiness?  Happiness has so many shades of colours. 
Yesterday I was surprised by Mike at work that is in charge of receiving materials for the school board.  I think he has the most important job. He came up with a special delivery for me and asked for a dollar tip.  In his hand is a parcel. 
I was so excited that I know what it’s in the package that I have been patiently waiting all week! 
You have to stay, Mike, this is worth more than a dollar you are asking for, I demanded.  I must say the package is so well wrapped for protection.  With the excitement I created, my colleagues came to my work area to find out what the fuzz is all about.  I was surrounded by curious eyes. 

The off-white box contained colours of pink, blue, brown, black protective materials.  As I unravel the contents, bit by bit the excitement is building up and they all want me to hurry up. 
Finally, my priceless gift of living colour that makes me happy sent by in Bella Remy Photography in playing the game Name that Raptor contest.  I rearranged my desk to show off Mr. Who, the raptor that I named incorrectly.  Looking at him every day definitely will make me remember Who this raptor is. 

In the end, I took it home for fear that someone may take a liking of Mr. Who.  At home, I renamed the colour of my life, The Owl and the Pussycat. 
The Owl and the Pussycat

The Owl and the Pussycat

 Bella Remy’s blog site has all the colours one could possibly imagine.  Never a day goes what I see in her site colours me happy especially after the rain.  
With grateful heart, thank you Bella Remy for giving living colours of happiness not just to me and to all. 
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30 thoughts on “Colour Me Happy

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  2. what beautiful owl, I will have to post my photos of snowy owls. I am down in England 350 miles from home picking up the girls to bring them home for 10 days 😀

      • Thank you, I am home now, tired 650 miles from temp in England of 10c to 1c in Scotland and snow lol girls are asleep with me following 😀

      • Welcome home. Have a good rest and keep warm. Enjoy your time with the girls and concentrate your time with them. Stay away from the computer for now. Enjoy.

      • It’s funny, I just came home from Church and I was thinking of this “Pause” button in relation to work. What came up to mind is this “Easy” button from Staples and when you press it, it will speak to you “that was easy”. Just hilarious. Okeydokey. I will read staci and I am very supportive of new writers. Go back to rest and spend time with the girls, I told you to stay away from the computer!

  3. You got it !! Woo Hoo ! I didn’t pack it, UPS did, and they knew it was a gift. They must have made it extra special for you. I absolutely am thrilled that you love the photo, sharing it with all of your friends. And the Owl and the Pussycat is so precious ! It really makes me smile. Certainly worth everything to share this with you. XOXO Emily aka Bella Remy

    • Emily, thank you sooooooo much. I am super thrilled. Everything that you post is worth it not just to me but to ALL. I really have something to brag about to my family. Ha ha. Love it. xoxo Perpetua aka seeker.

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