Are the stars out tonight?

Sakura festival is on my mind at work because the cherry blossoms in the neighbourhood are in full bloom.  I am pretty sure the festival starts today at Downtown Vancouver.  After work, my mission is to be at the festival.  Reaching Burrard Skytrain station, it was quiet.  No festival; I’m a day early. All is well since it’s a beautiful evening and I meander away from the city centre.  At every street corner, it reminded me of the days gone by when I used to work in the city.  The skyscrapers, beautiful gardens, picturesque mountain and the traffic seem to be more of a distraction now I found the serene neighbourhood environment working for the school board. 
I ended close to the waterside by Canada Place.  There is a commotion going at the Pan Pacific Hotel.  The hotel entrance area is barricaded and heavily guarded.  What is going on?  The crowd consisted mostly of Indian descent.  I overheard that the demi-gods are coming to town and will stay at the hotel.  Demi-gods?  Who are they?  Apparently the Bollywood stars are here for the Times of India Film Awards.  That explains it. 
These people have waited for five hours just to have a fleeting glimpse of the stars of their life, the heartbeats of India.  For many young girls, the actors are their heart-throb.  
What is the big deal of meeting these so-called celebrities?  That brings me to a flashback when I was in New York, year nineteen forgotten. 
Breakfast on the run, more like a stroll in early morning while most people are going to work, I ended up in a glass building where I could hear a sound system blaring outside. There were several people peeking into the glass and I was curious.  And I joined in the crowd. 
Inside, the lobby is arranged as if it is’s a studio and I could see a couple of people talking; a white person and a person-of-colour.  Eating my croissant and drink my java, it was rather entertaining; however, I cannot remember what was the topic of the conversation.  One person said: That is Whoopi Goldberg!  Who is Whoopi Goldberg?  I thought. 
The show was finished and Whoopi was coming out of the building. She was heading towards me and I was face to face with her.  The man beside me asked Whoopi for a signature, but he doesn’t have a pen.  Whoopi asked me do I have a pen.  Me?  Speechless, I just stared at her!  Somebody gave Whoopi a pen, signed the piece of paper and off she went. 
All I can remember was how beautiful Whoopi is at close range. The smooth glowing skin, high cheek bones, well-rounded lips and a deep voice were enough to make me feel star struck.  Now I remember, she is one of the casts in Star Trek, Guianan.  Am I right? 
Are the stars out tonight?  Only in my mind.

20 thoughts on “Are the stars out tonight?

  1. Greetings
    I loved that story. I love Whoopi Goldberg. She is hilarious and very upfront with her thoughts. She played a hilarious part in the movie “Ghost.” If you ever have a chance you might like it. She was also in limited Star Trek shows I believe.

  2. You’re so funny! Being a Star Trek fan, I say Yep! Great comedian too. I would have liked to see her. You going to the festival tomorrow? Have a good evening! 🙂

    • I must have looked really funny just staring at her. I know she hosted one of the Oscar’s. The rain started today, I hope it will subside otherewise, I will wait for the weekend. Nanight.

      • I reacted the same way when I went to a com and stood in line to get an autograph, and when it was my turn I just handed her the magazine and was dumbstruck – it was to meet Sirtis (Troy on Star Trek next generation). A few months ago I met an actor from The Young and the Restless soap I watch sometimes with a friend (don’t judge) and we got a photo of the thre of us – I was on cloud nine all day! 🙂

      • Wow, at least you have pictures to brag about. And Troy, the emphatic doctor, awesome. No judgement here. I can just imagine all the stars in your mind. 😛

  3. I am sure it was a memorable moment for you. Though I don’t know about the person you are talking about but I can understand your feeling.
    Wish you a great day. 🙂

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