Are you telling the truth?

Liar, liar pants on fire.  
We lie big time and we started lying since an early age of 2 or 3.  And how did we learn to lie.  From the adults, of course.  And who are those adults?  Our parents, uncles and aunties, teachers, nannies, to name a few are the best teachers. 
I’m guilty, too.  I lie to save face or avoid punishment.  So do children.  And the evidence is on this video.  Enjoy! 
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41 thoughts on “Are you telling the truth?

  1. Oh gawd, next politician. I read what you wrote back on a comment. Interesting, I found this sad that we have a society that does this to children. Now, were it that dog video that went around the web showing a guilty dog that got into something and its owner talked to it the same way, that I laughed at. Go figure. Hug to you.

  2. lol – this brings back so many memories of my own children and their “tales”, one of them in particular who was a mom’s challenge — but today he’s one of the most honest young men you will meet AND a great writer of fiction! 🙂

  3. Good morning my friend, but I will have to disagree with you, we don’t larn to lie, we are bon with the ability to lie. lying is a surival trigger, we do something wrong then when we are going to get punished if we get caught so our brain which all it wants to do is stay protected and is the only organ in the body that has a survival mechanism puts these lies in place. In a split second can come up within a elaborate story that even the greatest authors would be so proud of.

    Whoever you are the more you have to loose the greater the lie, the greater the punishment the greater the lie. Even if we have parents who we believed have never told a single lie we can still respond to a situation if we believe will cause us harm or embarrassment. Even before a child can speak they will shake their heads or make a sound for no when caught doing something they know its wrong, for an example, I watched a vido where a baby unable to walk, crawled to an open chocolate biscuit (cookie) tin and ate some with the evidence of chocolate on his face, when asked “Have you been eating the biscuits” the flight or fight kicks and the child lies by shaking their head.

    So the next time you are going to lie, if you can stop yourself, think for a moment and ask yourself, ‘Where did that come from?’ and see if you can see it coming. The brain is a wonderful organ………… Have a good day my friend. 😀

      • I’ll add to this – I read and practiced this with my children. There is THE ACT and THE LIE. In this case, the parent does not want child to 1) climb up on the counter 2) not eat the sprinkles, or any snack on his own. Those are THE ACTS that need to be corrected and emphasized. Instead, what has happened, and often does, the parent gets more caught up in THE LIE, No need to ask the child if he got in the sprinkles – you know he did and are setting him up with yet another problem (or reason to feel bad)! Instead, bring him over to the “crime scene” and state what he did and deal with THE ACT.
        My 2 cents 🙂

      • That is more than two cents. I don’t want a bill for this later ok. I will pass this to my family who have children. This is good parenting skill. Thank you Miss Moore. 😛

      • lol – no charge! Sorry, my name is Colleen. When I signed up to WP, I would have had to use Colleen(5digits). I needed something easy to member so moore314 is a play on “more pie” 🙂

      • my initials. P for Perpetua, M for Maria, S for Siglos, just like my e-mail address that is on the WordPress comment section.

      • No cents at all? We got rid of 1 and 2 cent coins but we still have 5, 10, 20 and 50 cent coins. Also the 1 and 2 dollars are now ‘gold’ coins.

      • Of course there is just no pennies from heaven. We still have nickel, dimes, quarters, loonies, tonnies and plastic money. 😆

      • The word No is just not a word for the lie, it a word to teach, teach the child not to touch fire, stick fingers in electrical sockets, eating the wrong things. No is one of the first words you teach a child, its a word of safety not of a lie.

      • So we should not teach the word no to children, so how do they have the freedom of expression basic human right, take the word no out off a childs vocabulary, you remove their right to choice. Adult “have an apple”……. Child “I don’t like apples”………Adult “So you don’t have a way to disagree with me”

        Children have rights and the right to say No, in a lie or truth. 😀

      • I have seen too much in this world, from being part of a HUGE family and then some. You are entitled to your opinion. Thank you, Pete. 😀

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