It’s All About The Genes

It was St. Patrick’s gathering, most of the second generations were present and all of the third were there.  It’s an opportunity for me to take pictures of the younger generations. 
Caught them playing monopoly in the bedroom and asked if I could take a picture of them.  
“NO!  We are playing” they responded in concert.
“It’s really important and it will only take a second.  Besides, I just want to take a picture of your legs.” 
Now they are curious what Auntie Crazy is up to.  So they oblige. 
Then I explained to them what the picture is all about.  The title is “It’s all about the Genes.”
“Jeans as our pants?” one smart child asked.
“That’s a good way to put it.  It sounds the same but spelled differently.” I said. 
Of course the younger ones do not understand but a couple older second generations understand my cryptic title. 
“G-E-N-E-S, Genes. It means we all came from the same blood or DNA” I said.
“D-N-A?” said the wee one.
“Never mind, let’s stick with the blood.” 
“We all came from the same blood.  Your mother came from your Nana.  Your Nana is my sister.  Nana and I came from Granny.”  I explained and they seem to get a better understanding. 
“Now, sometimes, there is something wrong with the blood that is pass from one person to another.  Meaning, there’s something wrong with me but some of you might not get what’s wrong with me.  And some of your Uncles, Aunties and Cousins might have something wrong with them, too.  For example, depression.”  I further explained. 
“Depression, you mean crazy or weird?”  A naïve question.
“Yes, when you feel weird or acting crazy, it might be a sign.  And do not be scared of talking about feeling weird or crazy because there is always help.  You have to let us know because we are here to help.  Do you guys understand?”  I said. 

All about the Genes

All about the Genes
 “Yes, can we go back to playing the game?” 
End of lesson on Genes 101.

13 thoughts on “It’s All About The Genes

  1. I have found you… 🙂 I placed a link to your blog on my blogroll, is that ok? I love the picture ! Precious children…. many hugs to you, really and truly. Thank you for being such a wonderful person. We need to stick together here on earth…to help, to love…to encourage.

  2. If I could paint then it would be Adam and Eve in Levi’s playing Givalopoly with an angel beside a gate and voice that says “Peter put away the sword” (sound in colours) . Well that’s my happy ending.

      • A game I just imagined. When I was older I was good at monopoly and when I became even older I was better at playing it for real – taking from a tree that didn’t belong to me. Especially in the West life seems more about monopoly, taking without giving so I invent for a new painting a new game. But I can’t paint nor write so join the line “awaiting moderation”, the outsider, still hoping.

        Eleven years ago a woman came up to me in Lourdes (lattitude zero – alpha and omega) took me by the hand and said “kneel and pray here”. There was a mark in the ground where a little girl prayed in 1858. I like Bernadette but am not sure she can put up with me. Whatever happens I’m a child of God, even if I can only show it in weakness, and I was meant to remember a nurse singing along to “High Hopes” when I took my first steps East. I just want to go home now.

      • Oh, I see. You do write and as for Bernadette, if you have read my story, she put up with me and then some. Take care, john.

  3. Dear theseeker,

    It is my great pleasure to nominate you for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”. You have surely earned this recognition, along with my great respect, mainly because of your wonderful writing that has truly inspired many all around the world. Please keep up your excellent work, and thanks for being around in the Blogosphere. You do make the difference.

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