My water bag broke…

Sleep, I need sleep.  I crawled into bed after a long night of celebrating Sister #2’s birthday.  It was December 14. 
Crawled into bed and knocked out cold and went into dream world. 
I could hear a phone ringing.  Is this a dream?  No, it was real and reached over for the phone.  It was 2 o’clock in the morning, December 15. 
“Halloo…” I spoke sleepily.
“My water bag broke”
“What?”  I said
“I need you to come over and take care of the kids.”
“Okay, be right there.” I said excitedly. 
Oh my goodness, Sister #6 is going to have a baby.  It’s rather kind of early.  This is her fifth baby. 
Still in my pajama, I put on my coat and jump into my car.  From where I live, in Burnaby going to where Sister #6 lives in Langley, normally it takes 45 minutes by car non-stop driving at legal speed.  At this time of the day, no one’s on the road, it took me 20 minutes on top speed, faster than a speeding bullet. 
When I arrived, she’s and her husband had left.  
I took over their king size bed while her youngest and only daughter was sleeping on the floor beside the bed.  AJ woke up with my shuffling. 
“Where’s mom?”
“She’s in the hospital having a baby. Go back to sleep” 
Tired and I went back to sleep to continue my dream.  
A phone ringing.  Is this another dream?  No, it’s another goddamn phone ringing interrupting my dream. 
“Alo!” Annoyed this time.
“A baby boy” Jim her husband happily shared the news.
“Good, what time is it?” I asked
“Just about 5 a.m.” Jim said.
“Okay, I’ll talk to you later.” I hanged up with no congratulatory note.
In the meantime, AJ woke up. 
“Who was that?” AJ asked.
“That was your Dad.  You have another baby brother.” I said.
“Wah!, sob, Wah!, sob” AJ cried.
“Now what?”  I am really frustrated this time.
“Another baby boy, I want a sister.” AJ said. 
Oh dear. 
“Come and sleep beside me.”  I invited AJ.  She acknowledged.  I cuddled with her to pacify her disappointment in life.  For a four-year old niece, it’s a big thing to have a baby sister to play with. 
“That’s okay, Andrea.  Next time, Mom and Dad will make you a baby sister”.  AJ was happy with this white lie I told her. 
AJ on my arms, we both went back to dream world. 
Fast forward, 3 years later, AJ had a baby sister.  Her name is Lucy. 
P.S.  Please note that cell phones and Iphones 16 years ago are still in the drawing board. Thank God, there were no police cars that night, otherwise I would have gotten a ticket for speeding.  More thankful, I reached Sister #6’s home safely.

10 thoughts on “My water bag broke…

    • Fancy meeting you here Mr. Person. I was checking “His blog about my blog” and here you are. Hello. Yes, I do believe it, too. I’ll be visiting your site soon.

    • Hi TK. It was rather funny now, it wasn’t at the time having to zoom my way there and AJ bawling her heart out! Now she can’t have enough of her little Lucy who is now a spoilt brat because of AJ. Hmp!

      • Yes, most accounts we laugh at now were not so much at the time. Hence, “In a couple of years, we’ll laugh at this, you know that, eh?” Love the story still. 🙂

  1. your story was short and to the point. I like that because a lot a novice writers will focus on adding so many descriptions that they break away from the story line. It also had a bit of comedy in it which kept me interested.

    You communicate your point clearly to the reader. The only thing I would suggest is that you take an experience like this in your life and dramatize it a little more (you might have to add some fiction to it). It keeps your readers wanting more.

    • Hi Pentabeans. Thank you for reading. I know, I am too factual and a person of few words. Drama is what I need in my writing that I am working on. I tend to keep it light with a touch of humour. Most of my stories are true. Thank you again for a very constructive comment that I can learn from. Take caer. Perpetua.

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