It’s Playtime

In Fatima, a path for a meditative walk was built around the area where the children saw the apparitions.  It was rather a long walk.    
There were olive trees to climb, spider webs, wooded area to play hide and seek.

Not to mention fig trees thick with fruits.  Of course, I picked the fruits to eat some and oh, are they ever so sweet. 
Mind you, we made stops along the way for prayers.  There are many groups who come on pilgrim every 13th of the month to Fatima. 
This is my second visit to Fatima.  The first time, I was selected to be one of the readers for the Mass.  Me?  Read in front of the people, thousands of them, during High Mass?  Sure why not, can I put a bag on my face?  Fat chance.  
This is the open air Church.


As for now, Fatima is less touristy than Lourdes.  I hope it will keep its rustic environment. 
Holidays Are Holy Days – Minute Meditations
We honor the Sabbath by, of course, worshiping God at Mass. But we also do well to honor it by being a little silly and savoring the goodness of his work in Creation and redemption.
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6 thoughts on “It’s Playtime

    • You are so welcome and thank you for reading. I respect all religions and spirituality in this world. Muslim, Buddhism, Hindu, etc. the effect on my own personal God is just as profound when I am in their company. Take Care.

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