Tourist in Paris

When I waited for the rest of the group to make up a decision, I stay outside the hotel to watch people come and go. 
Since the hotel has no smoking policy, quite a few people hang around outside, me included.  There was this beautiful tall lady with her brother-in-law from Dallas, Texas of US of A, having a smoke and drink.  And we struck a conversation. 
Them with their twang American accent and me my Filipino hard accent.  We manage to understand each other.  So, the common question is: What do you think of Paris?  
I was cool as a cucumber in responding: Oh, you know, just another city.  And they both exclaimed: Yah! If we have known this is just like Dallas, we could have skipped this city.  Opsey… I stepped on a nerve. 
Moving on… 
A couple of women from Brazil conversation was more like a charade since they speak “un poquito” English.  They asked me what brought me to Paris.  I said I’m with a group from Canada who are on pilgrimage.  
Brazil:  Shaking their heads slowly uttering the word pil-gri-mage???
Canada:  Pil-gri-mage is when people travel to visit holy sites and pray. 
Lucy Mar 17
Brazil:  Still shaking their heads with a quizzical looking facial expression.
Canada:  I made a hand gesture, putting my palms together in prayer like this:
Brazil:  Huh?
Lucy Mara 17 (1)Canada:  Okay, maybe this will make them understand.  I made a sign of the cross like this:
Brazil:  No, no, they both answered in chorus.
Canada:  Okey dokey, no comprendo eh?
Brazil.  No, no,
Lucy Mara 17 (3)Canada: Last charade… I stretch my arms wide open looking up in heaven….
Brazil:  They both excitedly exclaimed….Rio de Janiero !!!
Lucy Mar 17 rio de jenerio
Canada:  (Pagans!) 
I kid you not, this is the truth.

20 thoughts on “Tourist in Paris

    • I will tell Lucy that you love her shirt. She’s my model for most of the times in my Post. I asked her last night if she wants to give it away to me, no such luck. 😀

  1. Ha ha, I love this story, because I visited Brazil in December 2012. Christ the Redeemer is still fresh in my mind. I published a post on this wonder of the world in my notebook blog in case you haven’t read that one.
    I didn’t know you are from Canada. Interesting that I do have a few Canadian blogger friends vis blogging. My sister is also in Canada. And Paris is one of my favorite places in the world! Have fun apart from being a pilgrim!

    • I will get into your notebook slowly. This year, I know of four people going to Brazil. My nieces are going for World Youth Day. The rest will be on a pilgrimage which I am not going to join since I’ll be walking the Santiago de Compostela. Which part of Canada is your sister from? Have you visited her?

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