I love Paris

There is so much to see other than coming here on a spiritual journey following the footsteps of ordinary folks who became a legend because of their simple devotion and being of service. 
We visited Notre Dame Cathedral the second major tourist spot in Paris.  The biggest one is situated on top of the Montmartre hill, The Sacré-Coeur Basilica. 
Notre Dame Cathedral is a Gothic cathedral.  The building is adorned with gargoyles and portals depicting the Last Judgment and other biblical stories.  The interior of the church has a stunning stained glass window.  I was hoping to see the Hunchback of Notre Dame and the bells ringing to announce our arrival.  It didn’t happen. 
Raise you to the top; I challenged the rest of the pilgrims going up to Sacre Coeur Basilica.  No, thanks, we’d rather take the cable car.  There are at least 300 steps to reach the Basilica.  Once we were on top, it’s a tourist trap.  The view looks over the beautiful city of Paris.  Great place to take a picture. 
Finally, we came to pay homage to Catherine Labouré at the Chapel of Miraculous Medal.  There’s something about her that I still have yet to discern how come I am attracted to her devotion.  Every first Saturday of the month, here in Burnaby, I try as much as I can to attend the service.  When I do, there is peaceful feeling in me and I can continue sitting in the church in silence for a long period until it’s time to lock up the church. 
And to complete the visitations, we said hello to Vincent de Paul at his chapel. Chapel of St. Vincent de Paul is a walking distance from Catherine Laboure. 
Do I feel holy after visiting these sacred places?  I would like to think so because all of us are called to be holy. 

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