French Impressionist

This is more like it, Monet Garden in Giverny. 
When it comes to Art, I am totally clueless. Can’t differentiate what is a brush stroke from sun stroke.  As far as I’m concerned they both end in stroke. 
It was a gorgeous sunny day. Being a dark-skinned person, I prefer to stay away from the sun and keep my skin covered.  All I have is a pair of sun glasses to protect myself.  Wearing a black top is definitely fashionable but what was I thinking when I put in on this morning?  Black soaks up the heat.  Definitely, I will have a sun stroke. 
Once we reached the garden, it was a relief to stay under a shady tree. 
Here I can see living colours; the smell of the flowers is intoxicating, the buzzing of the bees, the fluttering of the butterflies, the dragon flies, and birds feeding in the garden. This place is heavenly. 
I just love how the garden is growing freely.  There are cosmos, dahlia, nasturtium, geranium, poppy, brown-eyed suzy, rose, and all sorts of ordinary plants that I have in my garden in smaller scale. 
The famous water garden with lilies floating calmly showing off its beauty is a symbol of how one must bloom in a murky environment.  Hmm, I wonder lonely as a cloud.  Maybe Buddha could teach me a thing or two just meditating on the lilies. 
I wanted to take a picture of the water-lily but my camera does not have a powerful zoom lens.  Uncle C, one of the pilgrims, is closed at hand and asked for his help.  He has longer arms.  
Picture this:  I asked Uncle C to hang on to my back pack while I lean forward closer to the flower to take a picture.  Ordering him never to let me go because falling in this murky water is not what Buddha taught me. 
Good boy got my picture.  Thank you, Uncle C. 
Monet water lily

Monet water lily

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