Fact or Fiction

The great classic book The Song of Bernadette was written by Franz Werfel.  In his most desperate moment trying to escape from the Germans when he was hiding in Lourdes, he made a vow to write the song of Bernadette once he reached America. 
The book that I borrowed from the library was copyright in 1942, with a disclaimer “All the characters in this book are fictitious and are not intended to represent any real persons living or dead.”  Interesting. 
In Franz’s personal preface he wrote that the Song of Bernadette is a novel but not a fictive work.  Sceptical readers have asked “What is true? What is invented?”  His answer is: “All the memorable happenings which constitute the substance of this book took place in the world of reality… The truth has been confirmed by many friend and foe and by cool observers through faithful testimonies.  My story makes no changes in this body of truth.” 
Franz dared to sing the songs of Bernadette although he is not a Catholic but a Jew.  He even magnifies the divine mystery.  And Franz did fulfill his vow.  He died in America and the Catholic Church has obtained permission from his family to give him a Christian Burial. 
So the question to myself: did I make a vow to Bernadette?  Consciously or unconsciously?  I really do not know.  What I know, it was the other way around.  I think Bernadette made a vow to bring me closer to the divine.  And I am pretty sure; it does not end here,  for life is full of miracles. 
Fact or fiction? 
Here’s a clip of the movie from Songs of Bernadette. 
“The Blessed Virgin used me as a broom to brush away the dust. When the job is done the broom is placed behind the door and stays there.” (St Bernadette Soubirous)

12 thoughts on “Fact or Fiction

  1. Hinseeker, I think it’s great
    To recognize the miracles yet to happen in your life. I think there are a lot of everyday miracles we overlook, like just waking up and breathing, or using our eyes to see. I think there’s also miraculous qualities to being able to tell your story to the world and have people follow along. Keep up the good work and never lose your openness tithe possibilities of miracles.

  2. Thank you I shall after I have made the video of me reading to my two grandchildren to put on to dvd for them when I send them the books. They are coming for a week in April, I am so excited -♡♡♡♡ :):):):)

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