Pretty in Pink

We need you. 
Yes, You. February 27, 2013 is PINK SHIRT DAY.  Wear Pink. 
What is Pink Shirt Day? 
Pink Shirt Day is inspired by two grade 12 Nova Scotian students in 2007 who decided to take action after witnessing a grade 9 student being bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school.  The students bought 50 pink t-shirts and encouraged schoolmates to wear them and send a powerful message of solidarity to the bully. Six years later, the Pink Shirt Day campaign continues to raise awareness and provide education and funds for anti-bullying programs in BC and Western Canada. (source: CKNW  and CBC), 
Support, stand up and be counted. 
Pink Shirt, pink tie, pink ribbon, pink shoes, pink hair, pink tutu, you name it. 
Wearing pink is showing your Love, Acceptance, Respect and to STOP any negativity towards one another.  I am pretty in pink.  See for yourself. 😀 

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 Pink is a Peaceful Colour.  Pink is Action.  Action speaks louder than words. 
Come and Join me in this Peace Movement.
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23 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. I used to have a product which was pink and black. When I would go to trade shows, my whole booth was pink and black in color, and if I wore anything else besides a pink shirt and black slacks, it looke stupid.
    The amount of dumb comments i used to get was amazing to me. I will say it was always amusing to see the macho guy ask me how much i had to be paid to wear pink inndromt of a lovely woman, who would invariably jump to my defense and unload on the idiot for teasing me. If I wasn’t married, I could have been mr Popularity.
    In the end, there are no gay or straight colors people, only color and if you’re threatened by a color, see a therapist.

  2. Pilgrim’s Progress by Perpetua — Pretty in Pink … are you having a secret love affair with the letter P? Does Sesame Street know about it? :>

    Just kidding, of course. I sleep in a pink t-shirt, does that count? I always associate pink with Cancer, but I’ll think about that awful bully and students wearing pink, too, from now on!

    • Sesame street has to ask permission from Perpetua! Secret no secret at all, I love myself. 😀 I was about to put the pink ribbon for cancer and I thought that has to be a post by itself. Did you like my pink hair? 😆

      • You look quite youthful with the pink hair and lipstick :> You are right; I would not like for you to take away from the “standing up to bullies” message! It’s becoming almost pandemic!!

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    • “have time per case to their nice site my visit very interesting about herzlichts jasmin greetings to you from Belgium damaro” This is what the system translated it from German to English. Hello from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

  4. Love your new haircolor. 🙂
    These acts of empathy by our youth are so encouraging. I see positive changes everyday. We just need to listen to the youth.

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