Listen with our heart (29)

Back to Espace Bernadette. 
Once we settled, Good Sister escorted us to Bernadette’s bedroom.  You know the room that I requested that I did not get.  The room is now converted into a chapel. 
Subsequently, we followed the footsteps of Bernadette with guided prayer and reading her story.  We went to places where I went before the group until we reached the building of St. Joseph.  
This building, surprisingly enough, the gate is never locked.  We entered and in her story, this was her crypt. Oh, I see, no wonder I did not feel anything for this space, I thought.  She’s not here.  No wonder I did not take a picture then, it’s just an empty space. 
It was an interesting procession and we finished at the auditorium where we had more showing of Bernadette’s life.  Good Sister suggested that not that we only listen with our ears, more importantly listen with our heart. 
Finally, the mini retreat is over and there is still plenty of time before supper. 
Free again to wander around.  I like being in a convent; there are so much nooks and crannies.  There are many doors, plants, pictures, books, music room, long hallways, stairways, byways, etc. 
Walking very slowly in the long hallway, mindful that each step I take is quiet.  I noticed this beautiful wooden door and I decided to open it and take a boo. 
Boo?  Not quite, it’s a church.  There’s an odd-looking bowl in the median that looks like a bird bath.  It must be where the holy water is stored to dip my fingers to make a sign of the cross.  I proceeded to enter towards the bowl.  Automatically, I dipped my fingers.  I looked in the bowl and stood there for god knows how long.  
This is what I saw in the bowl. 
I found my Heart

I found my Heart

O Jesus, Who has said,
 Ask and you shall receive,
 Seek and you shall find,
 Knock and it shall be opened to you,
 Through the intercession of Mary,
 Your Most Holy Mother, I knock,
 I seek, I ask that my prayer be granted.

4 thoughts on “Listen with our heart (29)

  1. The place I stayed in when Tim was first in hospital in London was once a convent. The place was called The Mount, I wrote about it. It didn’t have the age I imagine of some of them, but it retained that sense of … GOD I guess, the Divine. I enjoyed reading of your experiences with Bernadette. There is a peace that the feminine aspect of the divine brings, a comfort. There was even a small grotto on the grounds, although most of the other convent statuary had been removed, this beautiful spot remained.

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