Never Nevers Land (33)

On the road again; our destination Espace Bernadette in Nevers, France. 
Espace Bernadette is the place where the good priest Father Dominique sent Bernadette to protect her from the maddening crowd.  She remained here for the rest of her life. These links will give you an idea what the convent looks like as well as history of Bernadette. 
It’s a huge convent.  I can feel serenity in this place when I set my foot in Espace.  So I told my feet, take me anywhere you want me to go. 
Needless to say, I went off on my own little world by myself, since the Good Sister was not ready to give us an orientation for our mini retreat and check us in for an overnight at the convent. 
I followed a trail that lead me to the back of the convent, got lost and ended in a chapel looking building.  The building is tiny with an iron gate.  I did not open the gate; I just peered through the gate and saw a beautiful stained glass window.  The room is empty.  I wondered what this room is for? 
I was bathed with utmost silence devoid of constant chatters of other pilgrims.  It was heavenly. Time passed and all of a sudden, I remembered, I have to return to the group. 
Opsey, they are all inside for the orientation.  More opsey, the doors are locked.  I knocked on the glass door and finally someone let me in.  All eyes at me.  So?  I demurely found a seat. 
The Good Sister was explaining where we are going to sleep.  Oh how exciting, I raised my hand to ask her a question.  “Oui” she says.  Mademoiselle, may I stay in Bernadette’s room for the night? 
Silence and imagine 39 pairs of eyes looking at me, throwing darts.  I said: “What?  It’s just a question?”  Gee whiz, these people take life so seriously.  I can only deduce that this is due to my tardiness.  The Good Sister laughed and got the joke. 
There are rules being in group pilgrimage.  Rule #1 stick with the group.  Mea culpa, mea culpa. 


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