Gotta have heart (34)

The next destinations after Lourdes were Ars and Paray Le Monial.   It was a beautiful drive.  We were back to normal, no feud amongst the pilgrims and singing in the bus as if we were school children. 
First stop was Shrine of Ars.  It’s a small village.  The shrine houses the incorruptible remains of John Vianney.  A separate chapel is where his heart is located.  I remember when John Vianney’s heart travelled to Vancouver; I was privileged enough to be in the vehicle when his heart was transported from church to church.  It was pure luck because my brother is one of the knights who volunteered for this occasion. 
Second stop was Paray Le Monial.  This place feels like heaven on earth.  It’s beautiful and peaceful.  It became a pilgrimage site due to Mary Margaret’s experience of seeing the heart of Jesus.  And of course, her incorruptible body is in the Cathedral.  This is the first time I’ve heard of her. 
One thing I have wondered, how come their bodies are incorruptible?  This baffles me.  I also wonder if there are other spiritual and religious people from other denominations such as a Buddhist, Muslim, and Jews that are incorrupt.  Do you guys know?  Please do tell. 
Since these two places are all about hearts, I must buy me a heart.  It’s highly unlikely that I will become a saint such as Jean and Mary, at least I will have a souvenir. I found a dainty heart as small as a baby Aspirin.  So proud of it and I pinned it on my shirt left breast pocket and proceeded wandering around the compound heading to the bus. 
As I was about to board the bus, I placed my right hand on my chest and felt nothing.  Oh no, I’ve lost my heart.  Panic button set in.  I retraced my steps looking on the ground to see if there’s a red thing that will stand out.  Nada.
Have you ever seen a crack addict searching for a piece of drug that fell on the ground?  That’s how I look liked and it felt that way. 
I left Paray Le Monial without my heart.    
On the good side, there was no sadness present in my real heart for I know I will find a better heart somewhere along the way, much better than a Two Euro piece of trinket. 

7 thoughts on “Gotta have heart (34)

  1. OH My ! When I first read this I thought you meant you lost your “heart” not your little heart pin. That would be sad if you had lost your inner heart. In fact, from this visit I’m sure it was strengthened even more.

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