The Joke Is Oink Me (37)

Temptation was all over me.  I don’t understand at all.  Meatless Wednesday and Friday should have gone like a cinch.  But I was craving for bacon. 
What an interesting two days of observing abstinence.  I hardly eat meat but somehow I became haywire.  Normally, I don’t eat bacon; I don’t cook it all in my sanctuary.  But when I stopped by at our cafeteria for a morning Java, I smelt bacon.  Ah, my brain thought.  It smelt so good, I want bacon. 
Hey, just a minute now, my conscience alerted me.  No, no, no; wagging its finger on me.  It’s Ash Wednesday, no meat for you.  Fine, no big deal.  Stranger still happened, I was cranky all day.  Oh dear, what to do.  I am going to blow the feast and fasting suggestion.  Bacon aroma lingered around.  Congratulations, I made it through work without bacon. 
Thursday, feasted on meat, not bacon.  Venison steak is what I had for dinner. 
Friday is another meatless day that I must observe during Lent season.  What do you know?  On the news was Chris P. Bacon.  What the devil is going on?  The more I am aware of being meatless, the more I aware of meat.  Interesting.  I felt as if I became an addict having a withdrawal symptom. 
As for Chris P. Bacon, he survived and here is the news from CBC.  Watch a short clip of him.  Isn’t he’s the sweetest?  I can’t possibly eat bacon, just look at him. 

28 thoughts on “The Joke Is Oink Me (37)

  1. Thanks for sharing. I love bacon and would eat it every day if it wouldn’t kill me! My hat is off to you to have such dedication to your ideas. I thank Chris P. Bacon as well, he is very cute, but I am in a coffee shop right now, and I think I might like some bacon anyway Have a great day.

  2. Okay, at the moment I’m on a health kick. Don’t laugh! but if I wasn’t I could eat a huge plate of bacon to myself! Oh yes and not feel guilty! Go eat bacon, Perpetua! 🙂 Hugs Paula xx

  3. Oh Seeker did you hit that on the head. Bacon is the one thing that makes me hungry even if I’m not close to hungry. It’s a smell right out of heaven itself. I don’t. Lame you for succumbing to it. Certainly I won’t pass judgement (because I’m probably scoffing down the stuff myself).
    Be well.

  4. This is so funny! I didn’t observe the “no meat” rule because i’m not completely Catholic, but i have similar experiences when i’m fasting. I usually can go the whole day without eating anything but when i’m fasting, i’m usually hungry by the time its 10 AM. But i’m glad you made it through though…

    • There must be a psychology behind this. And you are right about not having to eat all day, you don’t even feel the hunger. But when we set up a standard it’s a whole different ball game. I must research on this. I’ll go talk to Chris P. Bacon.

  5. I don’t eat bacon, well only turkey bacon. I can’t eat anything with four legs! ( two is a different story, but I wish it were not.
    Temptation was out to get you! Good job!

  6. Oh the curse of the bacon eh! I don’t go into this fasting lark, I have Muslim friends and they go all day without eating, not even water to wet their lips, I went round to see a friend during Ramadan to find him pacing backwards and forwards between the livingroom and the kitchen waiting for the time to feast to arrive. Then the time had come and away he goes eating and drinking (non alcoholic) to make up for the day of hunger. I can sympathise with him somewhat because of my own making. I became very overweight around 308lb, just by sitting by the computer and eating, working , eating, eating ,working. Then because of that I get type II diabetes and for many years I fought against it all, dieting, starving and eating bloods high, weight loss zero.
    Then I was offered a new drug, make from a hormone found in the venom of a lizard from South American. I have been on it 3 years now my diabetes is almost gone I have lost 98lb and 10 inches off my weight. There are some food that I really do not like eating any more, hot smoked salmon, roast beef etc.
    But I don’t care, I have healthier and fitter then I have been in 10 years, my stomach has shrunk so I get full very quick ad if I over eat I vomit, I have an large appetite for fruits especially oranges. The drug is called Byetta, goggle it and read about the miracle from a little lizard. I have always said that everything put on this planet by the Almighty is useful to us humans. Take care eat your bacon and enjoy it 🙂

    • Yah, tomorrow, I’ll go for brunch, 4 sides of bacon, two eggs, 2 piece of white toast, hash brown and a lots of Java. Talking about Muslim, my neighbour she wears a smile for 40 days and she told me it’s because of love. She does it for the love of her God. I think that’s the missing link on my fasting. Maybe I don’t love God enough, eh. BTW congratulations, I’m glad you are on a healthy way of living. I will enjoy the oink tomorrow.

      • Don’t you think that your neighbours go and mine and your God are the same? I certainly do, also Jesus, is mentioned as a prophet instead of the son of God, even the great flood and Noah is mentioned. 🙂

        As for bacon, it must be back bacon, with black pudding made from wet blood and locally made Lorne sausage yummy with a sunny side up fried egg and tomato sauce lol The great Scottish breakfast 🙂

      • I don’t know about my neighbour. We haven’t really discussed what our God is all about. My unshakable faith is that Jesus is the Son of God, not a prophet. I know what a Scottish breakfast is like, as far as I can remember when I travelled to Scotland, it’s cardiac delight. 😛 Thanks for your input.

      • Are you trying to say that Scots have the worse rate of cardiac disease in Europe, I cannot believe that its the big hearty breakfasts. Its our secret weapon when Scotland gets independence we are going to send food parcels to England containing the cardiac busting breakfast. Because they are not use to them we are going to sit back and weight until they become a nation of fatties unable to get off the couch and then we are going to invade England and take back the 500 years of oppression. Then we are going to keep the masses under control with deep fried battered snickers and mars bars. Then the Scots will have it all back mmmmmhhhhuuuuuuhhhaaaa mmmmhhhhuuuaaaa.

        O flower of Scotland
        When will we see your like again
        The hearty breakfast to die for
        Your wee bit of narrowed artery
        And fat against him
        Proud fried mars bar army
        And sent them to England
        Tae eat again

        Happy Sunday 🙂

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