Being Born – A Gift

I know I am just passing through in this life, a pilgrim.  This is not my home.  I should have not been born as I mentioned in my post My hero.  
A lot of people had a surreal experience.  It just a matter of being aware or in tuned to what is happening in your body and out of your body. 
To cite an example, when I was just a little girl, I was having an afternoon siesta.  It’s a requirement that children must have a good afternoon rest.  My older siblings will ensure that we take a nap. 
As I lay asleep, I was looking down at my body sleeping like a baby and my other self is up on the ceiling attached by a golden thread.  It was scary for a mere child and I said to myself, bring me back to my body, Now!  Whump!  I’m back, opened my eyes, felt a tremendous headache.  That was my first awareness. 
It happens all the time, I just have to keep myself grounded otherwise, I will be floating in air.  People call me crazy, who cares.  It’s a gift.  It’s nothing new.  Look at all those great people such as Carl Jung, William Blake, Gopi Krishna, Padre Pio, Dag Hammarskjold, etc. who have such gift. 
Let me share with you what Dag wrote titled Markings: 
I don’t know who or what put the question
I don’t know when it was put
I don’t even remember answering
But at that moment
I did answer Yes
To Someone or something
And from that hour
I was certain
That existence is meaningful
And that, therefore my life,
Is self-surrender
Had a goal. 
Think about this. 
This is in response to Daily Prompt: Surreal.  Come and join us, you’ll discover who you are.

17 thoughts on “Being Born – A Gift

  1. Great post. You are lucky to experience the outer body/astral journeys. The psychic Sylvia Brown talks a great deal about these trips and the silver cord that grounds your traveling self to your physical self. Never are you in danger. Do you experience these events while awake or usually when you sleep? I love to have flying dreams but they come few and far between.

    • When I used to entertain it, the soul/spirit does what ever it wants. sleep/awake/meditating. I’ve heard of Sylvia Brown but have never read her stories. I am more on the mysticism of the Great Saints. Thank you for asking.

  2. Hi Perpetua, jackie here,

    really good blog. great poem. who is Dag? I love Blake’s poetry and drawings. i first read him in an english lit class in college. i memorized his poem Tyger, Tyger because it is a description of the wonder that is God. it’s imagery is stupendous in every stanza from ethereal stars to weighty anvils, hammers and chains.
    your experiences could be several things depending on if you had extensive abuse growing up. it could be disassociation (which is an issue of mine) or astral projection (no experience here). you say you do this a lot so you must be quite comfortable with it by now (no?). i hope you get to go to places and see things that are out of this world.

    • Hi Jackie. Oh Tyger, lovely poem. And there was Rilke as well. I grew up in a loving family, no abuse at all. I suppose it’s astral projection. Well, the spirit does it, my body observes and be aware. No bilocation. I learned to control it now because the body is not really meant for it. It’s a spirit world. Just like Padre Pio suffered so much by imitating Jesus Christ. Dag is an author of the book Markings a dedicated public servant who drew his strength from God. Anyway, I could write about a post on some of my experience which is connected to my faith. Thanks for asking, Jackie.

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