First name basis

The Filipino way, most people’s first name is Maria.  There are so many Maria’s in our family, me included.  However, we don’t use our first name.  I use my second name.  My only wish is I wish I wasn’t named Maria. 
The trouble started not in my childhood.  It started when I came to Canada.  
The officers saw how long my name is, they started using Maria.  Employers did the same thing, Maria.  Well, I felt there is no use in contradicting them since they are having a hard time pronouncing the name.  
When I say my second name, the common response is, Huh?  How do you spell that?  P as in Peter, E as in Eve, R as in Richard, P as in Peter (again), E as in Eve (again), T as in Tom, U as in Uranus, A as in Apple.  Perpetua.  What? Petula?  Never mind, call me Maria.  The names that I just called out, they understand, but not my name. 
As for being Maria, oh the trouble I go.  Maria seems to be a troubled name.  People started singing “How do you solve a problem like Maria”.  Sound’s familiar? 
It was only in 2010 that I decided once and for all, I will use my name that I am accustomed to hearing.  Perpetua it is.  Again, my colleagues of 13 years, they kept on calling me Maria.  Sorry, folks, I am not responding to that! 
So here I am, as a Canadian Maria, signing and dancing to the Sound of Music. 
 This is in response to Daily Prompt: Childhood.  Come and join us, it will make you sing.

23 thoughts on “First name basis

  1. Nothing wrong with maria I suppose, but Perpetua is actually such a beautiful name!!
    They’ll just have to get used to using it 😉
    Although, I have a friend that’s undergoing a sex change. I got to know her as Cindy, and now she’s Jaydon – but she said I can continue calling her Cindy because that’s the way i go to know her 😉 She’s still got the right tools for Cindy and not for jaydon!!

  2. Dear Seeker, I have a First and Surname that I have to spell every day, one thanks to my father who thought it would be could to alter a common name with an unusual spelling, and the other from the Italian husband, so I feel your pain. On a side note, The Sound of Music was the first movie I saw. I loved the flash mob 🙂 D 34

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