Nirvana – State of Bliss

Should I have been born as a Buddhist or a Hindu, I will make sure that I reach Nirvana in this life, a state of bliss, therefore, no reincarnation.  Reincarnation is kind of boring in my opinion.  One life is enough. 
And more importantly, I would like other spirits to have a chance to be born and experience life. 
I think Einstein was a cat in his previous life.  And here’s a proof. 
DP Feb 8, 2013 humour_reincarnation
 This is in response to Daily Prompt: Reincarnation.  Come, join us and share your thoughts.

24 thoughts on “Nirvana – State of Bliss

  1. One life is enough? But to live again, and to live as something else would be an awfully big adventure. What would it be like to be an ant in a world of giant beings? What would it be like to be an eagle soaring above the world? What would it be like to be born on a different contient in a different time? There is so much that could be learned an experienced, how can once be enough?

  2. You gave me my first giggle of the day! 🙂 There should be an award for that: The First Giggle of the Day Award.
    I give it to you today. (I’ll have to work on an icon for it later.)

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