Mother Earth

I love Mother Earth and for this reason I became an activist in so many ways. 
Indulge me on this one: carbon footprints, zero mile diet, recycling, bike to work, think green, nature of things, save the children, etc. 
To put things in perspective, I cannot save the whole world.  I know I can do one thing for myself and Mother Earth.  I gave up my freedom to fully go where ever I go, when I want.  My car. 
This decision was a difficult one.  In order for me to make a decision, I always think “two things”, a choice.  Asking myself what do I want to give up in order to make a positive impact to Mother Earth and humanity:  Cigarettes or Car = 2Cs. I have divulged this information about me in my post about Pilgrims Progress and Flawed: Guilty. 
Listing the pros and cons, they are both cons.  What about the lesser of two evils, they are both evils.  What is easier?  Car it is.  
What made me choose the car?  The pollution: all that carbon in the air that is killing the plants and animals.  Greenhouse effect is what the scientists call it.  The oil and gas industry is a greedy corporate industry.  Think of Athabasca Tar Sands that is happening in Canada.  Oh, don’t get me going on this Daily Prompt.  My blood is boiling at this minute early in the morning. 
People are so righteous when it comes to smoking, even the government. When people see me smoke, I hear nasty remarks and poor attitudes, they are holier than thou.  I ask them: Do you drive a car?  Huh? is their response.  What does car got to do with cigarettes?  Do you have time to listen to me while I smoke in front of you?  No, is the response.  Then stay away from me and keep on walking.  I am killing myself when it comes to smoking, I know that.  You have no idea what I gave up for Mother Earth! 
There’s one less car now in Vancouver.  Mine. 
This is in response to Daily Prompt: Global.  Come and join us, it’s fun.

24 thoughts on “Mother Earth

  1. wow… Impressive!!! that’s what I call action not just words!
    well done, I should probably take a page from your book, I don’t own a car and I don’t smoke, but I can always improve in being less damage for the planet… thank you for the inspiration!

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  3. You are not alone girl, yep…me too. I’ve cut down quite a bit, but I’m still a work in progress. Only I kept the car too! We ALL have stuff girl, vices, habits, whatever. But I love you just the same, actually more, cuz you are so honest… {{{hugs}}} back to you…

    • I’ll do anything for Mother Earth. Yes, that song makes me wanna go drive around with the wind blowing my long hair and singing on the top of my lungs. Cough (smoker’s cough) Ugh. As for the car, I have personal chauffeurs, my siblings, nephews, nieces, neighbours, friends, cousins…. the best thing I have ever given up. 😆

  4. Seeker, i love the song, and the clip from the movie. I’m not Sheila(Beverly D’Angelo), I’m the girl in the back seat with the Green ‘Doodle’ in her hair. Yes, those woolie hair ties were called Doodles in Australia in the ’70s 🙂

    • I grew up listening to this music from our next door neighbour. We didn’t have a stereo so Tony, the boy next door, blasted this music for us to hear. Who is Sheila? Are you really that girl with green ‘doodle’ or you are just pulling my leg?

      • Just pulling your leg, Sheila is the character in this movie clip from 1979 that is singing. I was a teenager in the 70’s,but, alas was too conservative to be a ‘hippy’. Although I did have big flowing hair and many different coloured Doodles 🙂

  5. Agree, people do have self-righteous attitudes about smoking. At times, they are also that way about eating sweets. I was talking about eating a donut that tasted like a choco cake and someone remarked: “Donuts, how disgusting.” She walked away claiming she was about to vomit. I think she wanted a donut too, but was afraid of the idea that eating one donut would make her fatter.

  6. I think that the tar sands issue is even more complex now that China is involved. Unfortunately I don’t see much improvement in the future until or unless there are new innovative inventions that successfully reduce our carbon footprint.

    • Oh, Mr. dimlamp. Did you just mention another “C” word. It’s too depressing to think about this. We shall see what the rest of Canada will do to keep China’s paw off this land.

  7. Wow, that’s impressive! I don’t know what the transportation service is like in Vancouver, but it would be difficult in Ottawa — though I’m sure, judging by your post, that it wasn’t an easy choice!
    I also smoke, so I understand your feelings about it. For Christmas I got an e-cigarette, and it’s pretty awesome, especially when it’s this cold outdoors (feels like -20 c right now).
    All these words, just to say congrats on a tough decision! 🙂

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