DP: Kick It – Get My Point?

What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?

When it comes to the number system, I don’t count more than 10 digits of my fingers nor my toes.  I count only up to 10.  When I cannot sleep, I count backward, starting one thousand.  By the time I zzzz away, I don’t recall hitting 11 at all.  When I list things down, I use the point system, no counting. 

An example of what’s on my bucket list on the top of my head:

  •  Walk the Santiago de Compostela
  •  Join the Mad Hatters
  •  Visit Manchu Picchu
  •  Cruise the inside passage of British Columbia
  •  Skydiving
  •  Watch a meteor shower with the kids
  •  Update Last Will and Testament

What I am good at is counting my blessings; the list is more than 11.

  • For another day
  • For my beloved cousin
  • For a good night sleep
  • For a job to go to
  • For my cats
  • For my family
  • For smile of the day
  • For spirits who lightens my way
  • For coffee in the morning
  • For sunny days
  • For hot shower
  • For having a bathroom all to myself
  • For all the blessings that I will still yet to receive….
  • I am forever grateful, Lord.  Thank you very much. 

Do you get my point?  Did I just list Skydiving?  Where did I get this idea?  This must have come from my beloved cousin who sent me an e-mail recently asking her permission if I can use her video on Skydiving.

“Of course, you may use my skydiving video Rosario and Jamison Skydiving – YouTube if it helps anyone with their bucket list. I still can’t believe it happened. I was either crazy or hypnotized by my son, but it sure was a lot of fun!  You should try it with me for my next birthday celebration. As a matter of fact, come visit us here. You have a place to stay and I’ll be your personal tour guide, even to DC, if you wish!  Nobody visits us here except for your sister!  What’s up with that?”

I will visit her but I am not going to jump.  I have all the intention in this world to live longer and not have a heart attack on the way down while Skydiving.

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